23 February 2007

About the trust fund thing...

yeah, what would you do with a trust fund? your existence is taken care of for the rest of your life. you have money for food, all utilities and mortgage is paid, and spending cash in your pocket. i dont mean like billions of dollars in your pocket, but maybe all expenses paid and 1500 in the bank every month. what would you do? i think this is a real measure of a person.
I want to learn stuff that i dont have time to learn while i'm working. i want to be a better programmer. i want to learn 3d modeling and animation. i want to learn to make music on Fruity Loops. i want to learn auto mechanics and auto body repair. i've done little bits and pieces of each of this. i spent about four weekends and worked on the body of my honda. my friend and i have body kits, each which were damaged by driving into steep driveways or hitting things you can't see.. (he hit a concrete block on a construction site.) so we spent a couple weeks learning about fiberglass repair, rosin, putty filler, sanding and priming techniques.. all very interesting, and now you can't even see the damage to my bumper. looks like it should.
Just to have the time.. work is such a waste. i mean, sure. i'm here in case someone's internet connection goes down, and i call and help them fix it.. woo hoo.. yay me. hero of the day. whatever. until that happens, i have way too much time on my hands. i have time to play silly browser games or administer a text game, or practice at 3d modeling, photoshop techniques, programming, etc..

heh.. so sometimes i do have the time. but there's so many projects, and work interrupts.. well, at one point i did have a pretty good go at a skaven clanrat. the head looks pretty good, but the body wasn't right. not for any animation.
In fact, that's it right there. heh.. see, not bad. And i've done some alright stuff with photoshop. the nameplates on the crew page of my website (www.markofcain.us) then click crew, and each of the links will open a friend page that has the nameplate i did. sometimes its just cutting the right place, but IAmSam's i did via tutorial. i have a pic that i did for a lightsaber. i took this pic of a guy in a darth vader suit and actually made his saber glow. i'll post that one here too..

Yeah, that's not bad at all.. heh.. So, i spend some time working on the things i want, but it never feels like enough. and then real life sets in and the fun projects drift off into the background. i've been painting my warhammer minis quite a bit. My grey knights are all about 90% done, i've been working on the black templars. I'm posting them on my website right now. i'll put the link up when i finish. op.. look at that.. finished.
There's only one unfinished black templar in there, but he's the closest to being done. the rest are grey knights and a couple skaven. skaven are rats, you'll be able to tell the diff.
i think that's enough for now. i might post more later, but in a diff topic.


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