22 February 2007

Day 1

Ok, so i got soul-existence.blogspot.com... not really pleased, but some choomba has soulexistence and spouts about the will of existence or some drekk and doesnt really mean anything, and there's no email addy for me to say
GIVE IT BACK!! I am teh only Soul Existence!! All your blogs are belong to me!! Muahaha!!

heh.. so until then, this is my home. i'm going to link this from my website, so all future blog comms will come here, since my old myspace one went byebye and my home site is just html, and have you ever tried to blog in html??!!

um... Sindome!! StraylightRun!! Cyber-Wars!!

heh.. my games that i play instead of working.

someone needs to give me a trust fund so i dont have to work anymore.

i'll post more later.


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