26 February 2007

To do with my time

So i have been thinking about it over the weekend, and i think i'm going to learn a new code language. i really need to. I should do something with my time.

i'm not sure which one, tho. C++, enh.. i've tried a couple times. i have books on all the beginning stuff, but i just can't seem to get into it enuf. but since i'm trying to do a website, and since everything is on the web now, i think i should learn some sort of web coding.

the leader of my moo, Johnny, says that Flex2 by Adobe is a great language, and if i take 2 years and learn it, i'll be able to get a great high paying job somewhere. but, as you can see from my last post, i dont want a high paying job, i want a high paycheck. :p heh.. but a good job would be nice too.

my company was just purchased by another company from the east coast. we're not even sure if we are going to have jobs next month. i have a little in savings, but not enough to last me more than a month or two. two if i really cut back on stuff... um.. maybe.

so, back to topic. Thinking of a new language. Flex2, or php, or java.. flex2 is supposed to kinda be like java. php is supposed to be reasonably easy.. i'm not sure which to go with yet. i already have an IDE that can do both, so that's not an issue, only issue is picking one. Guess i just need to pick.


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