12 April 2007

92 Honda Civic HB Wish List

Yeah, so i'm putting together my engine for my car. Actually, not putting it together so much as putting a list together of the parts i think i want and the prices and where to find them. i need something that is available anywhere, so i'm posting it here. its not all that interesting, and most comments will prolly be from me adding more stuff or making changes. if you dont care, skip this post.

Dart Honda B20 Aluminum Engine BlocksEngine Block, Aluminum, 2-Bolt Mains, 84.5mm Diameter Bore, 1-Piece Rear Main Seal, Honda, B20, Each $2,342.95

crower 92mm crank $841.43
page 182, part number 95261
honda b series 4340 forged crankshaft (84.5mm stroke)

custom length rods

(following prices based on ebay average)
piston, spark racing 84.5mm 270$ - 739$
piston rings, 50$

b16 civ si or b18 integra head 350$
cam gears,100$ (The valvetrain consists of:valves, rocker arms, pushrods, lifters, and the cam shaft (theoldone.com, endyne, cams 525$/set) damus says cam overlap and adding boost blows a great deal of air/fuel right out the exhaust pipe while both valves are open.)
intake manifold 160$


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