06 April 2007


I dont really know what to say about all this. Four of our most talented have been laid off. sure, they get a couple months severence and their pto paid out, but does that help the rest of us feel comfortable about our jobs? no. not really.. actually, not at all. i panic'd. left a little early. needed some time to think. i mean, i've been kinda lookin anyway, and it would really help if there was some job market in this valley other than freakin customer service. i'm sick of customer service. did it for far too long. don't take that the wrong way.. i still do my absolute best to serve the customer. i just don't want that to be my primary function. that's why i went to college.

i have a few prospects, i just dont know if they pay enough, and that's the real kicker here. i have a certain life style that i have to keep up. its not extravagant, but its comfortable. plus i just bought a new car, and i have my house to consider as well. my son is here now. i have a wife. i think i'm doing pretty good, and so i dont want to loose any of that. of course the cable could be turned off, but i'd have a wrathful wife who misses her shows, and the .. nope. that's the only extra thing i have.

well, i feel better now.

i need a donut.


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