16 May 2007

Websites and Sickness

The pic to the right is an empty box with a red X in it because my web server is currently down. The admin had a power supply issue that fried his whole system, and he has most services up, but not the web yet. He's a busy guy, works at Microsoft, so i'm not worried. plus he has a weekly backup, so all my data is good. just not available right now.

I've been sick the last few days. started with a sore throat on Thursday, didnt come in to work, felt good on friday, but started to cough saturday, and still am. My nose is stuffy, my head is kinda groggy, and I still have a cough, but i figured that two days off work is enough, i need to get back here. There's things that need doing.

I've been playing waaaay too much Oblivion the last week or so. Before that it was Morrowind, but there's so much about Oblivion that I like more. Not having to change between swinging a weapon and casting a spell, for one. That actually makes playing with magic useable. Anyway, it really got me thinking of what about the game i like, and how there are still a few limitations that i'd prolly want fixed, like the ability to catch on to ledges and pull myself up, things like that. Anyway, i'm thinking i want to do a city. But not an Oblivion Fantasy city, a future city. i need a project. a direction. I'm going to actually start with a street, maybe five or six buildings, some npcs, quests, etc. I need to make some models, tho. not the people, they're already done, but the clothing and armor and weapons. I've seen some things with like WWII guns and clothes, but i'm still thinking more future. Perhaps some body skins or something.. I dunno. i'll post them here when i'm ready.


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