06 June 2007


Demon gets out of school early today. Its raining, so i dont know what we'll do. i was hoping to go up to the dam and go swimming, but that's out. maybe we'll do that this weekend if it warms up enough. freakin 100 degrees last weekend, 56 today.
Sammy is still at her mother's. She's had some good and bad times. her dad can be a real bastard. he has issues that he is too lost in his own sickness to look at. pisses me off sometimes. he treats her and her sisters like crap, badmouth's their mother to them, and has already run off his second wife. i think that one lasted less than 3 months.
I miss her bunches. we txt during the day and she calls me at night when it doesnt cost her any minutes. it's been tough to be on my own again. havent done it in so long. half the time i dont know what to do with myself, which is really surprising, because i usually do my own thing anyway. dont think i'm doing anything fun tonite. prolly pick up a movie or something to watch with demon. he prolly just wants to sit and play games. does that a lot. not that i have any trouble with that. i'm a gamer myself. i would just like to see him do other things as well. he's pretty creative at drawing, and making creatures and things on his computer with paint. i gave him photoshop, and he's done pretty good with layers and adding texture and stuff. ... and he's 8.. that's what still blows me away.
He played his first paper/dice game of D&D last friday. he's played NWN, Baldure's Gate and Icewind Dale, but never paper/dice. so that was kinda exciting. i bought him his own polyhedron dice and we rolled him up a halfling druid named Orian. he went to play with Skipphag and his kid and friends.
i've been kinda burned on them myself. not knowing what to play. i would like to run some shadowrun or cyberpunk. time has been kinda short, since Demon moved in and was in school. we had to work on his homework and that pretty much took all our time afterschool for the last two weeks. this week, luckily, he hasnt had any homework, since he gets out today, so we've had time to just hang out and watch Star Wars movies.
I have quite a bit of Warhammer that needs done with. 4500 points of Skaven rats that only a handfull are painted. then about 1000 pts of Grey Knights Demonhunters that are 90% painted, and i dont know how many Black Templars that are partial painted. I did most on the Grey Knights, because i bought them slowly and painted them as i went, instead of buying it all, like i did with Skaven. Sammy has some Witch hunters (Nuns with Guns) that she's done some on, but is still working on her color scheme. She also paints watercolors. I've been working on drawing lately, but i'm not that good. i get frusterated with faces and hands and feet. Bodies i can do pretty good at :P, but faces, hands and feet i'm having issue with. I guess practice makes perfect.
I've been blog-surfing quite a bit the last two days to see what some of you post. Some of it is pretty interesting and i've been intrigued by the things you post. Some of you i wonder what you've been smoking.
some of the things i did like, are:
the last one, the deafeningsilence-k one, is a japanese girl that types really strange. i wonder if she talks like this in person. it was entertaining, tho.
enough for now.


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