26 June 2007


Ok, so why am i getting into this crazy dance thing? i mock reality shows on a regular basis, and i only truly like the auditions when they show the horrible ones. those are the best.
But i do like dancing. Movies like Take the Lead keep me on the edge of my seat. So that must be it. I caught SYTYCD about half way thru last year. My wife was watching it. I thought it was interesting, but nothing special. Then i saw some of the contemporary and ballroom stuff, and was pretty much hooked for the rest of the season. Hip-hop isnt really my thing, but ballroom is beautiful, and contemporary, especially as coreographed by Mia Michaels, always is so emotional. I've downloaded my favorite dances from YouTube.com and last season's stuff still brings it on for me.
This year, everyone is so much better than last year. Their level is so much higher. Last year was good, don't get me wrong, but the first weeks last year, from the replays i saw, were naive and juvenile compared to the performances this year. I'm excited to see how the whole thing turns out.


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