10 August 2008

Around the Sphere

Our friends over at Dungeon Mastering have a couple pretty cool quizes for DnD. Like the: What's your inner character? quiz.

Dungeon Mastering is confident that Soul's inner D&D character is a Lawful Evil Halfling Sorcerer!

Muahaha! well, i dont know about the lawful evil part... I typically think of myself more as selfish or chaotic good.. but meh. lawful evil halfling sorcerer would be cool.

My darling wife has been reading many blogs lately. Some on homeschooling, some on quilting, some on slow cooking..

Homeschooling.. I actually really like this idea. See, after I make my millions in candy machines, (my short term 3-5yr goal) then i'll be able to be home and not have to go to work, so we'll have more time to spend with kids (that we dont have yet, but picked the names out a year or two ago), and while we're spending time with kids, we can teach them stuff. One thing I know is researching lots of stuff in just a small period of time. I do it every weekend. I think i've read everything there is on the internet about papercrete (as useless as that may be), and greenscreens, and making special effects in adobe after effects.. ok, those dont sound like anything that would teach children, but i know how to immerse myself in a research project and learn something, and that is the point.

Mrs. G over at Derfwad Manor has some very humorous things to say about homeschooling and also some very good points on the way she taught her children.

I like that style. The "What are you interested in this week?" style. Field trips, library, internet research, zoos, planetariums, museums, etc. I think i'll have as much fun as they will.


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