29 September 2008

First Kill.. and then a second.

... On WoW..

This weekend was slow at work, so while watching for alarms, I had a lot of downtime to play warcraft. I am running a human paladin, she started the weekend about level 34. I was toodling thru the Arathi Highlands, killing spiders and raptors, when suddenly this lion attacks me.

Any of you who play wow will figure out that the lion is actually a Hoarde druid.

Anyway, it attacks me. Its like a level or so below me, and thought it could best me.

Paladin v Druid of equal level..

yeah, not good for him. He died. horribly. mostly from his own blows, as a matter of fact. The way my pali is set up, she blocks most and the attacker takes damage from the rebound.

woah, this sounds geeky.. even for me.

but yeah, he died.

So then i'm level 37, in a different area, and fighting murlocks, and this blood elf paladin jumps me from behind, thinking he'll take me while i'm healing from the wounds of the murlock.

same result. he died, mostly from his own blows. guess he's not set up the same way as my girl.

So now i have 80 honor. that's pretty sweet.

my heart was thumping like crazy.

PvP sucks.


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