19 March 2015

Dating sucks

What is wrong with girls these days?
That's two I've been talking to, hit it off with, everything is going fine, we're calling, emailing, having a good conversation, and then *BAM!* "Um, I need to cancel. I just want to be friends."
Huh. I've got lots of friends. What I don't got is a nice pretty LDS girlfriend to hang out with and share music and paint pics for, and move towards having a nice eternal life together.
but that's okay. Life isn't over, and I'm just getting started. Just having to put the work in to each and every girl just to get the *friends zone* is a pinch in the psyche.
Do you ever feel like a creepy hunter when you're looking over the girls at the function (church, singles meetup, club, whatever)?
I mean, you're there to meet someone, and you have a few seconds to find one that looks attractive to whatever your specific proclivities are, and then a few minutes to chat her up, and then what? She knows you're either looking to get laid or get married.
Facebook was supposed to fix all that. Curse you, Facebook!
Well, back to the hunt, I suppose. And ladies, I'm not looking for a lay, I'm looking for a long term thing.


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