20 March 2015

I know, I know...

I've had the comics page for... years, anyway. And nothing ever posted on it. Well, there's a good reason for that. It isn't ready yet.
I don't have access to my Wacom tablet anymore, and after a catastrophic hard drive failure this weekend in which my 1TB drive and my 500GB drive both now read as 128GB unformatted drives, it will be a little while before I have access to my data.
However... I will let you know that I did start a comic in 2009, done in pencil, and I did about 60-ish pages. Sage has it right now, and we barely speak, and she moved out long ago. She says she intends to send it back, but she hasn't done that yet. It may take awhile. Once it comes in, I will post it.
Until then, I will have to come up with something else, and post it. Enjoy the stuff on the art page.
Oh, and I'm no longer doing reviews of games, because of my hiatus, so that may change slightly, too. Please bear with me as I rebuild the direction of my online life.


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