06 November 2019

Free pocket change and more cloud miners

I've done alright with the little crypto faucets. The GoMiner has completely broke even and is still paying regularly. All income from that faucet is now profit.

So here's a couple more.

Cash Mining

Cash Mining runs in a tab on your computer. You open it and let it run. It plays ads, for about a minute, which you don't even need to pay attention to, and you get €0.00005 every minute. That may not sound like much, but if you have a computer that is on all the time anyway and you just open a browser that continues to mine without using your CPU/GPU and gives you that tiny bit per minute, what does it hurt?
Easy math: .00005*60*24*365= 26.28€ per year for doing nothing. Run it at work.
Note: it does check, so you can't be logged in from more than one place at a time, and you can't open more than one tab on the ads at a time. if you do, neither gets paid.


NuvMining is a speculative venture. It's cloud mining, which can be risky because we don't know how long they're going to stick around, and are they going to give our money back. I used my profits from GoMiner to fund this one, so if it doesnt pay, i'm not out any coin.
The mining pool interface isn't as flashy as GoMiner. You don't see spinners or anything. You have a very basic interface with a clear pic of what is going on:
You can see how much my total balance is, what the conversion to Satoshi is, my mining power, what i'm expected to make at the current pool rate, my deposit, and the earnings history.
Very basic, and very nice. 660sat per hour right now, but it's been as low as 200. 660 is actually the highest, so they got on a good block. I'll update later when I know if it pays (take three to four months to hit the .005BTC cashout minimum).

Buy in is .004BTC.

HODL Token Wallet

This one is a bit different. This is a wallet that pays profit sharing. Open the wallet for a 10$ sign bonus, fund 500$ in the account, and allow the bot to margin trade for an expected average of 12%/month passive income from profit sharing.
System is just getting started, launches in a few days. Profits are paid in HODL token, which is liquid each day you get them and can be converted into BTC. You can get more through the Telegram app at @HODLTOKENWALLET.

As with all investments, I am not a financial adviser, don't invest more than you can afford to lose. Be smart about it. Happy earning.

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