25 October 2007

the WoW experience

Ok, for the last few weeks i've been playing WoW. I've been kinda cheating, by using a MaNGOS server, instead of paying for it, but i dont have internet at home (long boring story) and wanted to check it out. Here is my experience with both WoW and MaNGOS.

First, MaNGOS (hereout called mangos, cuz the caps is just annoying):

It is still under development, and in beta 0.8.1 (just released), but does a pretty dang outstanding job. At times my server was up for over 2 days without a crash. .8 is supposed to fix all that, i'm installing it tonite, so i'll see.

(for instructions on setting up your own wow server, visit http://www.reaper-x.com/. he packages his own executables and includes the latest db's. excellent resource)

It runs okay on surprisingly few resources. I started with the server running on my machine, an AMD 2800 with 1.5GB ram, and the database running on a MySQL server on my domain controller, an Intel 600MhZ with 256MB ram, win2k server(old Albertson's cash register *chuckles*). It did pretty good, a few minor lag issues when the client and server were fighting over resources. when i logged off my client at my 6 person gaming party, my friends didnt have any crashes or lag. After that i migrated it completely over to the dc, and it did okay, but would crash if we had more than three locations open (my wife in one state, my friend in another, and I join.) So i did some pc swapping and built it an AMD 2500 with 768MB ram and win2k server OS. It is running great for the most part, we dont have problems anymore with more than two people playing, but the server itself is still slightly unstable and crashes. Like i said, should be fixed in 0.8.

One day i may be able to boost it to 2 or so GB ram, and i'm sure that will make a hella big difference on the number of people. ReaperX says his server has 3GB ram and he can run 2 realms simultaneously.

So, opinion on the server? Great. I dont mind the crashes. it saves every few minutes automatically, and we try to save often just to be safe. (saving requires being at least a level 1 GM and is done via the GM commands) They are a little annoying, but the server reboots quickly, and I understand its just a beta, and it was free.

On the game -
Opinion: Crack. Addicting as hell.

I've been playing for a few weeks now, and i can posdef see the appeal. Although i dont care that i'm missing the rest of the community, i actually like that better. It does make things like the auction house and battle grounds completely worthless, and it takes a little while to get a raid scheduled, but it has been lots of fun. My wife and I play together, collecting loot and slaughtering baddies. We do missions and work on our crafting skills, go fishing, wander new countrysides for new and interesting wildlife to kill, stuff like that.

I'm glad i dont' have to pay the monthly fees, tho. One for me and one for her. No thanks.

Now, i'm not stealing, tho. While i did borrow the original from a friend to get started, Blizzard got their 30 bucks from me when my wife wanted to see what the Blood Elves were like. Anywho.. We've had a lot of fun with the crafting and missions, and having friends over to all game together. The community aspect is for some people, myself and my wife not included, but having a server at your home posdef is a worthwhile experience if you have a solid machine lying around collecting dust.


04 October 2007


If a picture is worth 1000 words, lets talk about these. The following are pics from www.worth1000.com, a photoshop art site that i stumbled across when looking for tuts.

This first set is called Them There Eyes, and has some amazing stuff.

... oh, nevermind.. big freakin bold copyright label above the first pic.

well, go to this link to see what i'm talking about its some great stuff. i spent the first four or five hours this morning just surfing thru this site.


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