16 April 2007


i sat down with my son, Demon Soul (his idea. Demon Soul, son of Soul Existence. heh.. i like it), to work on a project for school. Design and create a machine using at least 2 of the six simple machines. stuff like pulleys, axle and wheels, wedge, etc.. he was telling me what some of the other kids came up with, an elevator, a catapult, etc. all well and good, but i thought it would be better to come up with something new that no one in the class was doing.

the assignment is to create a machine that will make work easier. so we began by talking about what the adults he knew did for work, and what would make our jobs easier. he thought about it for awhile, but then came up with his own idea. what if an old person dropped their keys and had a bad back.. couldnt pick them up? they'd need something to help them.

wow.. nice idea. so basically, he designs this fishing pole. well, its pretty much a fishing pole. not exactly, but yeah. but its his design. but instead of a hook at the end, opt for the magnet, because an old person with shaky hands, like my grampa, isnt going to be able to aim for a key ring with a hook.

he showed his mother the blueprint before taking it to school today, and when i was talking to her later in the day, she said it was prolly my idea. nope. he's 8. he has a very creative mind.

for example, a couple weeks ago, he decides he wants to make his own video game. well, i'm game for helping him do whatever he desires, so sure. i'll help him make a game. he designs, i'll help with the technical stuff. i'm not much of a game designer, but i have picked up some skills.. basic 3d modeling and such. so i found a free game engine, i'm using Blender3D for the models, and basing them completely on his designs. he gives me a folder full of photoshop and paint jpgs and i turn them into 3d models. he has hitpoints and special attacks assigned, designed a level with a D&D map maker, just really going to town on it. I'm pretty impressed.

and he's 8. that's the great thing. maybe i can keep him involved with creating. teach him the modeling, maybe some day i'll be beta testing for his new RPG or platformer. its pretty exciting.

I knew he was a smart kid, but i never even thought about how smart until he blows me away with this. kids can be surprising


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