20 February 2008

Star Wars... Geek or Enthusiast?

I have fallen in love with star wars again. It started innocently enough. I asked my wife for a book from the library and she brought me Young Jedi Knights, the tales of Han Solo & Leia Organa's children learning Jedi training from Luke Skywalker. The book was targeted for 14 year olds, and very childish in the writing. No book over 22 chapters, all around 200 pages..

Anyway.. As childish as it was, it reminded me how much I enjoy Star Wars. I finished the book on Saturday. Sunday, the wife and I watched episodes IV, V, and VI. Monday, I, Tuesday, II. Only one left. I also broke out the Star Wars Saga RPG and continued work on my adventure for my wife, and joined SciFi book club to pick up the next series dealing with the children.

I am drooling over the new Force Unleashed game coming out this summer. Watching trailers and video diaries.

Now.. does that make me a geek or just an enthusiast?

Well, I still don't dress up and go to conventions.



05 February 2008

Catching up

Yeah, okay. i haven't posted anything since November. What can i say? i'm a procrastinator. I promised Spiral i'd post yesterday, and didn't get to it.

So, here's something new.

My crew started playing a d20 Modern game a couple weeks ago. We've been able to get one play session in so far, and it was really positive. I've grown bored with static dungeon crawls and wanted something new, so i put my players to the test by giving them one objective: get the ancient cup from the house. Don't kill the occupant.

Sounds easy, right? But its amazingly complicated. They have to worry about security. they have to worry about security systems. they have to worry about each other and form into a cohesive team, and it has been very rewarding. Three hours of game play, lots of roleplay, no combat. Great.


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