24 May 2007

Review on The Melting Pot

Note: The following is a repost of my old blog. It was written in 2005, and I move it here now because, while talking to a co-worker about this place, I let him read the review and he was so impressed he told the owner about it. She wants to read it.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Last night my girlfriend, Sammy, and I were treated to a dinner at a nice little place downtown by our realtor: congratulations for the purchase of our new house.

She asked me what I would like, and I said, "Anything with baklava, or I heard about this place downtown called The Melting Pot."

So we went to The Melting Pot.

My first impression as I walked up was that it was very charming. Built in the old Boise fire station, the owner, Helen - a delightful Jewish woman with overactive ADHD - has truly turned it into a masterpiece. The colors are warm and comfortable, the seating also comfortable, and the wait staff friendly and prompt, if not a little frazzled because of the large group of people in the banquet room on the left - which Helen let us know was a benefit for two children being adopted by the parents of one of the servers.

The wait was not too long, long enough to have time to visit, and water was quickly brought to the table. The adorable waitress, Brianna, was pleasant and helpful, and accommodating regarding suggestions (and bringing me extra dessert).

First I want to mention the menu. This is something I’m not used to, as I don't eat in really nice restaurants other than Johnny Carino's very often, but the menu had 3 pages of the food selection, and 9 pages of wine. Not being a drinker myself, maybe I don't get this part. I just thought it was a lot.

We ordered the ‘Big Night Out - Decadence style’: a four course meal beginning with a choice of four cheese fondue’s - of which I chose Swiss - three types of breads, and mixed vegetables. The Swiss fondue had a little too much garlic in it for my taste, but that was more the choosing of my Realtor, Deanna, than it was our doting waitress, but all in all was excellent: a white wine base, Swiss cheese, raspberry ... something-wasser.

The salad was next, for which I chose the house salad. The greens were green, no wilted lettuce, and no big chunks of white empty lettuce, which was good, because I really don't like that bitter taste. The dressing was a sweet and tangy house dressing that was absolutely wonderful, putting to shame any plain ol' ranch or Caesar.

The entree came about a half hour later, which was perfect timing for letting the salad settle, consisting of a vegetable broth mixed with red wine, brought to a boil, and then we dip into it to cook: lobster, shrimp, steak, chicken, and portabella mushrooms. Brianna brought us about 10 different dipping sauces, and the medley of flavors were so differing, from a mild and tasty cayenne sauce with a yogurt base, to a cream cheese / sour cream / chive and cilantro sauce that was also smooth, creamy, and not too harsh. The barbeque sauce was good, ... what am I saying? all the sauces were wonderful, complemented the food beautifully, and made my tummy very happy.

That, in it self, would be enough. Three courses of mystery and wonder, as I have never had fondue before, put me in a level of ecstasy that I never dreamed possible. I am a food lover. I love natural flavors, not coating them in salt and pepper, but the real flavors of foods. The sauces, the cooking solution, the cheese, added to the flavors, and only the slightly more than my taste garlic in the cheese was overpowering.

But who can eat in a great restaurant without trying the dessert?

And oh, what a dessert. They have many choices for the dessert fondue, and all were tempting, but in the end, we went with "The Flaming Turtle": milk chocolate and caramel, flambéed on the table.

Seeing blue flames jump out of your chocolate is pretty cool, I must admit.

The dipping items were varied and beautiful. Brownies, pound cake, bananas, pineapple, marshmallows coated in grahams and Oreos, and a slice of cheesecake in the middle with a chocolate covered Maraschino cherry.

I went straight for the Oreo covered marshmallow.

Now, I've had chocolate covered things before. I once made candies out of Rollo and edible play dough. My mom makes chocolate covered things for Christmas almost every year. But when I lifted that chocolate-caramel marshmallow to my mouth and popped it in, I swear I saw angels in heaven.

Remember when I said I had reached a level of ecstasy that I never dreamed possible? Yeah. I just exceeded that.

The bill was higher than I’m used to, but like I said, my idea of fancy is Johnny Carinos.

Come with a full wallet and expect to eat for three and a half hours some of the most wonderful flavors you'll ever experience.

Or, if I go back, I’m going just for the dessert.

The Melting Pot is in the Old Boise firehouse on 6th and Idaho in Boise, Idaho. Call (208)383-0900 to make reservations.


21 May 2007


I was on photobucket uploading a new avatar since my website is still down, and i see this Meez thing. 3d animated avatar. Couldnt resist.


16 May 2007

Websites and Sickness

The pic to the right is an empty box with a red X in it because my web server is currently down. The admin had a power supply issue that fried his whole system, and he has most services up, but not the web yet. He's a busy guy, works at Microsoft, so i'm not worried. plus he has a weekly backup, so all my data is good. just not available right now.

I've been sick the last few days. started with a sore throat on Thursday, didnt come in to work, felt good on friday, but started to cough saturday, and still am. My nose is stuffy, my head is kinda groggy, and I still have a cough, but i figured that two days off work is enough, i need to get back here. There's things that need doing.

I've been playing waaaay too much Oblivion the last week or so. Before that it was Morrowind, but there's so much about Oblivion that I like more. Not having to change between swinging a weapon and casting a spell, for one. That actually makes playing with magic useable. Anyway, it really got me thinking of what about the game i like, and how there are still a few limitations that i'd prolly want fixed, like the ability to catch on to ledges and pull myself up, things like that. Anyway, i'm thinking i want to do a city. But not an Oblivion Fantasy city, a future city. i need a project. a direction. I'm going to actually start with a street, maybe five or six buildings, some npcs, quests, etc. I need to make some models, tho. not the people, they're already done, but the clothing and armor and weapons. I've seen some things with like WWII guns and clothes, but i'm still thinking more future. Perhaps some body skins or something.. I dunno. i'll post them here when i'm ready.


02 May 2007


I'm a pretty big Japanese comic fan. If I could draw with any type of skill, that's what i'd like to do. My drawing is pretty half assed, tho, and so could be better. Hmm.. i do have an attempt at Anime drawing around here.. This is Sonya Card. She was my character for a d20 play by post (which is a pretty fun way to play, btw) built as an adventurer for BESMd20. Dual pistols and a helluva jump ability, she was my little red headed Lara Croft wannabe.
yeah, she isnt bad. her head is too big, her eyes too far spaced apart, but other than that, i dont think she turned out too bad.

Anyway, back to the actual topic.. Lately i've been feeling a bit.. neglected in the ways of anime and manga. The video store where i live has exactly one manga in its dvd collection, and i watched it like six months ago. its a 30 mile trip to the next closest collection, which is pretty good, but i've seen all that too. My wife and I had a subscription to RentAnime.com, which was awesome, and kept our hunger sated, but with changing my life and now no credit card, that means no RentAnime.com.. Which brings me to my findings of the week.. heh.. four websites which bring happiness and fulfillment into my manga/anime desolate life:


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