21 March 2015

IT'ers Unite!

Why do they think they can do this to us?

Desktop Support Technician (IT)
Seeking part-time Desktop Support Technician to begin as a trial 90 day position in [undisclosed location]. It is possible the position will become permanent placement. Candidate must possess the technical skills to learn to install door strikes & other RFID access control equipment and terminate network cables.
Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Install and maintain any and all equipment and software, i.e., network servers, workstations, printers, routers, modems, switched, network, Mac & PC operating systems, e-mail, and any other equipment necessary.
  • Must be able to run all necessary network cable and make proper terminations.
  • Maintain and accurate inventory of all hardware and software.
  • May be responsible for system administration which includes applications, operating systems and hardware.
  • May be responsible for patching or security updates of applications of operating systems.
  • May be responsible for back up and restoration of all IT equipment and systems.
  • Complete all assigned help desk work orders to complete satisfaction.
  • May be responsible for processing technology requisitions.
  • Configure new and troubleshoot existing VOIP phones on network.
  • Ability to install new, maintain and troubleshoot RFID Door access controls.
  • Perform other duties when required.

Successful candidate should possess the following:
  • High School diploma or equivalent.
  • 2 year Computer Science Degree. 'This alone is worth at least 15/hr.
  • 1-2 years of similar experience. 'Op, bump it to 17.50/hr.
  • 4 years of similar experience without a degree.
  • Industry standard certifications are preferred i.e., A+, Network+, MCSE, CCNA '22-35$/hr
  • Must have high level of accuracy and great attention to detail.
  • Must exhibit high degree of professionalism and confidentiality in handling and having access to sensitive information.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office

Hours will be 20-25 per week, Monday-Friday.
Please email resume. If interested, we will contact you to schedule an interview. Interviews will be conducted via Fuze software.
Position does not come with health or retirement benefits or vacation, holiday or sick pay. 'How about shove it up your arse? How does that sound?
$12.00-$12.50 DOE 'Oh, and the kicker. Not only do you not get benefits, but you don't really get paid, either.

Do not stand for this ourage! Do not take their job without a real wage. You may be able to do the job without the benefits, but don't do it without the pay, or companies will take serious advantage of us.
And this isn't the only one of them out there! I saw another very similar on craigslist that paid 11-14 and wanted even more. Tell them to piss off until they realize they can't do the job without us and they have to pay us a fair wage. Retail stores are upping their pay to 10-15$ for stocking shelves and cashing people out. Tech jobs are getting their asses handed to them by retail!
Ok, rant over.


20 March 2015

I know, I know...

I've had the comics page for... years, anyway. And nothing ever posted on it. Well, there's a good reason for that. It isn't ready yet.
I don't have access to my Wacom tablet anymore, and after a catastrophic hard drive failure this weekend in which my 1TB drive and my 500GB drive both now read as 128GB unformatted drives, it will be a little while before I have access to my data.
However... I will let you know that I did start a comic in 2009, done in pencil, and I did about 60-ish pages. Sage has it right now, and we barely speak, and she moved out long ago. She says she intends to send it back, but she hasn't done that yet. It may take awhile. Once it comes in, I will post it.
Until then, I will have to come up with something else, and post it. Enjoy the stuff on the art page.
Oh, and I'm no longer doing reviews of games, because of my hiatus, so that may change slightly, too. Please bear with me as I rebuild the direction of my online life.


19 March 2015

Dating sucks

What is wrong with girls these days?
That's two I've been talking to, hit it off with, everything is going fine, we're calling, emailing, having a good conversation, and then *BAM!* "Um, I need to cancel. I just want to be friends."
Huh. I've got lots of friends. What I don't got is a nice pretty LDS girlfriend to hang out with and share music and paint pics for, and move towards having a nice eternal life together.
but that's okay. Life isn't over, and I'm just getting started. Just having to put the work in to each and every girl just to get the *friends zone* is a pinch in the psyche.
Do you ever feel like a creepy hunter when you're looking over the girls at the function (church, singles meetup, club, whatever)?
I mean, you're there to meet someone, and you have a few seconds to find one that looks attractive to whatever your specific proclivities are, and then a few minutes to chat her up, and then what? She knows you're either looking to get laid or get married.
Facebook was supposed to fix all that. Curse you, Facebook!
Well, back to the hunt, I suppose. And ladies, I'm not looking for a lay, I'm looking for a long term thing.


03 March 2015


Went to the storage to get my stuff. Here's what I took home with me:

  • 2 bags of clothes
  • 9 boxes of warhammer
  • my computer

that ought to hold me for awhile.


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