01 June 2007


No, not the globs of meat stuffed with odd things like onions and green beans that mother tried to make you eat but ended up more on the floor and in the dog than anywhere.. Why do people actually expect me to eat things they know I don't like? i'm pretty picky. I love meat.. but putting weird things in it, baking it like bread, and then coating it in catsup is just... well, revolting.

But that's not the topic of my post. My good friend Frosty, over in Georgia-land, suggested i write today on Meatloaf, because at the present, he is listening to Bat out of Hell II.

While BOOH2 was a pretty good album, with goodies like Life is a Lemon, and:

"I remember every little thing as if it happened only yesterday... I was barely seventeen and i once killed a boy with a fender guitar..."

That poem always cracks me up..

Anyway, I'd still have to say that i like the first one better. Paradise by the Dashboard lights is pos def my favorite song on the entire album. At one point i had that album on 8track, vinyl, cd, and cassette, all at the same time. i think i still have the 8track and vinyl...

Many people think that Meatloaf only put out the two albums, and is currently working on the third, Bat out of hell 3... because he's not good at titling albums aparently... but those werent the only ones. I found another several years back in the basement of a used music store, back corner. Can't for the life of me remember the name, but it had nothing to do with bats and hell. i do remember it wasnt nearly as good as BOOH, but still pretty good.

And after his acting debut (Rocky Horror Picture Show), he disappeared into obscurity once more, only resurfacing about every 13 years to release another album named after his only sucessful one.

I'm starting to think that Meatloaf is a vampire. His need to release an album of the same name is like coming up from the grave to drink blood to sate his hunger for another epoch before slinking away to rest once more on his pile of money in the underworld.

huh.. maybe that's what the catsup is for.


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