21 October 2018

Research on the Vote

So, since I'm off parole in a week, I get to vote in this election November 6th. That's pretty exciting to me. I have only voted in one election since turning 18, and it was a local one. After that I was in the Marines, or in prison or parole, and haven't been able to. So now, at almost 43, I can vote again.

I've been researching to be up on the issues, and there is something concerning to me. Some of the Idaho Gubernatorial candidates do not publicly post their opinions on issues. Bev Angel Boeck(L) and Walter Bayes(constitutionalist) do not have any information available, and do not have websites available. Boeck has received and declined to answer issues questions from voter information websites. Bayes's fb page is blank, and Boeck's told me enough about her that I had no interest.

Just shows that just because we both like the L, we don't think the same.

But how can I vote for a Governor that won't publicly answer issues questions? That won't get a website made for their campaign that will tell me what they think and what values they hold?

Oh, wait. Looking a little deeper, Bayes was on that debate back in 2014 with Harley Brown when Brown told his story about God telling him he's going to make him Commander in Chief. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23LR7mqceA8) Guess I'll vote mainstream. Ugh. Can we get a 3rd party candidate that isn't insane, please?

I'm not voting for a party here, I'm voting for a person that will represent my interests.

For example, I looked into  Democrat Kristin Collum (Lt. Gov), because i think that's who Stephanie said she was voting for. I agree with her on the economic policy, but not with her endorsement of Prop 2 to increase power of the federal government by expanding medicaid, or on her education policies. But I looked. I was interested to see how she would vote.

I also looked at Democrat Aaron Swisher (US House). I agree with his desire to balance the budget. I agree with his desire for tax reform. Not sure what that will entail, but I know its a mess and could use some reform. But he wants to raise minimum wage, and I think that's a mistake. Adults are not supposed to be working at McDonalds for minimum wage. That's a job for teens in school. Once adults become adults they should be plying a trade, going to college, working a career that doesn't involve minimum wage. There are 7 million available jobs in this country. Don't settle for what you have, improve!

but I looked. I gave them a chance. Can't do it.

In presidential elections the popular vote means nothing, the electoral college decides the president. So basically my vote in that election doesn't matter. I'm okay with that. I don't think that I really see any difference in my life between Obama or Trump. After almost two years with Trump in office, I barely realized it had been so long because my daily life doesn't revolve around him.

But when it comes to local elections and senate elections, those are issues that can directly affect me because they are in my neighborhood. They are right here in my yard, and those are based on the popular vote, so I think it's important to participate.

So get out there, read up on the issues ( i use https://ballotpedia.org/), and make your voice heard.


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