06 November 2019

Free pocket change and more cloud miners

I've done alright with the little crypto faucets. The GoMiner has completely broke even and is still paying regularly. All income from that faucet is now profit.

So here's a couple more.

Cash Mining

Cash Mining runs in a tab on your computer. You open it and let it run. It plays ads, for about a minute, which you don't even need to pay attention to, and you get €0.00005 every minute. That may not sound like much, but if you have a computer that is on all the time anyway and you just open a browser that continues to mine without using your CPU/GPU and gives you that tiny bit per minute, what does it hurt?
Easy math: .00005*60*24*365= 26.28€ per year for doing nothing. Run it at work.
Note: it does check, so you can't be logged in from more than one place at a time, and you can't open more than one tab on the ads at a time. if you do, neither gets paid.


NuvMining is a speculative venture. It's cloud mining, which can be risky because we don't know how long they're going to stick around, and are they going to give our money back. I used my profits from GoMiner to fund this one, so if it doesnt pay, i'm not out any coin.
The mining pool interface isn't as flashy as GoMiner. You don't see spinners or anything. You have a very basic interface with a clear pic of what is going on:
You can see how much my total balance is, what the conversion to Satoshi is, my mining power, what i'm expected to make at the current pool rate, my deposit, and the earnings history.
Very basic, and very nice. 660sat per hour right now, but it's been as low as 200. 660 is actually the highest, so they got on a good block. I'll update later when I know if it pays (take three to four months to hit the .005BTC cashout minimum).

Buy in is .004BTC.

HODL Token Wallet

This one is a bit different. This is a wallet that pays profit sharing. Open the wallet for a 10$ sign bonus, fund 500$ in the account, and allow the bot to margin trade for an expected average of 12%/month passive income from profit sharing.
System is just getting started, launches in a few days. Profits are paid in HODL token, which is liquid each day you get them and can be converted into BTC. You can get more through the Telegram app at @HODLTOKENWALLET.

As with all investments, I am not a financial adviser, don't invest more than you can afford to lose. Be smart about it. Happy earning.


15 October 2019

free bitcoin (and other cryptos)

I've been interested in crypto for awhile, but I'm always late to the bus.

"Come buy our currency that is totally digital. Really, it's going to be awesome."

I was a naysayer. I was stupid. I could have bought bitcoin when it was less than 200$/coin. I had the money, but I poo-poo'd it, as most people did. I was more concerned when the price of video cards jumped because Bitcoin miners were buying them up for the calculations. That's when I started to look, but it was already too late. They were almost 20k/coin.

So I'm late. I'm always late. I could should have built a YouTube channel. I could should have worked harder on my blog. I'm trying to work on it now, but who reads anymore?

Anyway, I'm late, but I'm still here.

I've made some mistakes. I've played with the casinos (because for a few days I was head over for roulette games) and got excited for faucets. I've figured out which ones are real and which ones are fake. Will they make you rich? no. not at all. Will they make you money? enough for lunch now and then, sure. But it's a fun little hobby that actually shows a return, unlike every other hobby I've done.

And a huge kudos to the guys over at beermoneyforum.com for doing the research to weed out the scams. All faucets make their money on ads, and the supporters of them, like the guys on BeerMoney, encourage you to turn off your ad blocker so the site continues to get the money to support our habit. Please do so.

Be aware that some sites will take you to ads that are not legit, because ad companies only care about the profits, not about the legitimacy. If it seems too good to be true, check beermoneyforum.

One of the ones I see a lot that is totally not legit is the one to make money by exchanging bitcoin. It suggests you convert .005 BTC to ETH in one exchange, and then convert that ETH back to BTC in another exchange, except the first exchange is their wallet, and you just sent them your BTC.

Here's what I have found that actually works:

Earn Free Bitcoin

Cointiply is very cool, and probably one of the faucet games that tries hardest to be fun and interesting by giving it a sci-fi theme. In some respects it has the basic features, such as an hourly faucet and ad/survey offers, but the theme is where Cointiply shines.

I average 23 coins per faucet roll (most often 22, but on occasion you get an extra 51 for hitting a prime number, which is a cool mod). Coins are worth about 1/100th of a penny. So far I have: 32361 Coins / $3.2361 / 0.00038981 BTC 

I didn't get those from rolling the faucet, I did a crap ton of surveys. Also, I played the multiplier game. At one point i was up to 72k coins (about 7.20$), but I hit a string of bad picks in the game and lost about 5$.

The game is pretty cool, too. 11 stones, choose one. If it's red, 1.4x your bet. If it's black, loose your bet. You can keep pushing it to multiply your coins, but I found it's best to just go for the 1.4x multiplier.

They also have loot crates, and you can use your cointiply coins or you can use these other coins they give you when you ... honestly i'm not sure how i got them, but i used them to buy a loot crate and got three uncommon consumable items that i can use to boost my sat production, or turn in for a coin tradein value.

There's consumables and some inventory items. Here's mine:

There's some cool collection stuff, of which one of my items, the KernelNova, is part, and if i collect them all I get a bonus of 3% for 90 hours on offers. That's pretty cool.

Minimum withdrawl of 100,000 coins, or 10$. So I haven't been paid by this one yet, but BeerMoneyForums says LEGIT, and if you work it with the bonuses, it can be a fun side hussle.

Free BitCoin Faucet

Bonus BitCoin is a basic faucet, except you get to roll every 15 minutes, if you can remember. BBC also does surveys, but their multiplier is broken, so no good there.

The RNG faucet says you can claim up to 5000 satoshi every 15 minutes, but i've never rolled anything better than an 8. There is an option to always take the average, which they say is 16, so i just did that after a week of only rolling an 8. and they grant a bonus at the end of a 72 hour period, depending on how many you collect from the faucet or get in referrals.

The BTC goes to your coinpot.co wallet, which is an aggregate wallet for many of these faucets. Coinpot has a waiting period on surveys to make sure they all get credited, because some have requirements. Currently in my coinpot I have .00038811 BTC, of which .00024115 has been confirmed, which is good. The other day it was 6400 sat, which was sadface. At least this is 2 bucks (1.99 as of this writing).

Free BitCo.In is another, with a much more fun multiplier that has hurt me so many times. This is the first one I found after stumbling on a YouTube vid that shows a script to help you multiply your coins. Basically the multiplier will kill you for anything less than about 10 bucks, but it's totally doable. I got crazy with it. I threw 8$ into my pot, ran the script, got it up to 12, ran five windows, got it up to 22$, then ignored it and in about 45 seconds was broke lol.

Since then i'm much more cautious, because every time i think, "oh, i'll just tweak it a bit" it eats me and I'm broke. It's like a really mean slot machine, especially since I'm a bit aggressive with the script.

Instead of the script, which I can't control very well, (written in JavaScript) I use the autoroller.

Here's my method that usually nets me a few thousand sat (use at your own risk, and not with coins under 10000 sat)

On the Multiply BTC tab, go to autobet.
leave base bet at 1 sat (0.00000001)
Number of rolls to 100 (sometimes i do up to 10,000, but that's usually where a string of bad ones hits and
Bet on HI
Loss >= 0.00000100 (this is your risk. Once your losses are 100 sat greater than your wins, it will stop to keep you from destroying your bank. feel free to make it less, like 10 or whatever you are concerned with.)
On win return to base bet
ON lose increase bet by 125%
Check: return to base bet, randomize client seed, do not refresh
click Start Auto-Bet and watch your satoshi grow! (Hopefully)

if you increase your base bet amount to 10 sat, be sure to reduce the number of rolls to 5 or 9, no greater than that. that will keep it from wiping you out on a string of 8 bad rolls, which does happen.(my net loss on this roll was 564 sat after 165 rolls, because the 188 dropped me to 94 sat loss, and then the 470 threw me to the 564.)

BitFaucet - I only just found this one this morning. It's very similar to the other two. A low paying basic faucet, and offers to gain more. Again, BeerMoneyForum says LEGIT. Faucet is 60 minutes, offer refresh is 30. Payout is mondays if your sat is over 35000.

**NOTE** Some of the ads from these sites are NSFW
There's a lot here, so i'll just drop my links instead of the banners. They're all basic, but very ad and pop-up heavy, so keep an eye on that.

https://free-ethereum.io/?referer=234637 Ethereum, the other most popular crypto coin
https://free-bcash.com/?referer=462546 BitCoinCash, 222$/coin
https://free-litecoin.com/?referer=537946 LiteCoin, don't know a lot, has an ok value, around 54$ each.
https://free-dogecoin.com/?referer=293732 Dogecoin, again, don't know a lot, value is around .0025/coin
https://free-monero.com/?referer=54127 Monero, hardly know about it. Its short name is XMR, and it's worth 52$/coin right now.

Moon coins all go to your coinpot.co wallet. They can be claimed after 5 minutes, but continue to grow, quickly at first, but then slow. Like I think the moonbitcoin caps at about 31 sat, because i let it grow for a week and that's where we're at. nice, though, that it uses coinpot, and you don't need anything more than your email address.
There may be others, but i don't know right now, these are the only two i have.

A free miner that just dumps satoshi into a tank for you to withdraw. costs you nothing.

NOTE: Upon further examination, GoMiner appears to be a ponzi scheme. See this link to get out at just the right time: https://www.beermoneyforum.com/threads/gominer-co-reviews-scam-or-legit.53505/page-8

Yet further research shows this to be a scam. I, however, was able to recover my funds, though payout had to be done a little at a time at .003btc per day.


Got lucky. Might even make a little extra, if I can pull one or two more days out of it.

UPDATE: Confirmed, I have cleared an extra 58$ from the GoMiner platform. I reinvested before the end of this run. I'm doing it again, another 2-3 weeks, get out as I go, and collect whatever additional I can.

The last one I want to discuss is not a free faucet. It's a miner. I looked at several miners, and thanks again to BeerMoneyForum for finding the truth. Several of them suggest free mining of a small amount and then want you to pay to cash out, but then never pay out.

But this one, GoMiner, is very promising and active. For one, BeerMoney vouches for them, they have made investments and received verified payouts, and even spoken to the devs.

I haven't tried any payouts yet, but I have invested a little bit starting yesterday.

The idea here is to build a team. There are mentors and apprentices, and you can just watch the cash spin up, especially during the Overclock period, where you boost your production by 1/3 for 4 hours.

They have a 14 day period where you will not have to pay any electricity fees, and the mining contract is for a whole year for your small investment of at least 10$.

You can buy extra days without the power cost in advance at a 50% discount. The power costs are normally significant, so a 50% discount is pretty serious.

And there's something about Staking, which I don't understand yet, but one of the BMF guys that was talking to the devs said Staking was a very good thing.

So skip one vente double mocha frappa latte and throw 10$ at this. You can reinvest your earnings per day or cash it out. If you cash out at the end of your 2 weeks you should be about 30% ahead, or you can let it grow.


20 September 2019

Hey, Microsoft! When did you move to Texas?

I don't know about you, but it annoys me that when Microsoft replaces a piece of software with a different piece of software, they make it BIGGER.

The two most recent examples I have are the snipping tool, and the switch from Skype to Teams.

That is each block minimized to their smallest window size. The New Snip & Sketch is twice as large. Then we look at Skype v. Teams.

that is the smallest the teams window will go. i don't know about skype, because it's no longer on my pc, but that skype window above is about right. pretty sure i can make it smaller. Anyway, there it is. almost twice as large. 

Hey, Microsoft. I love your stuff, but not everything has to be sized for a tablet.




07 August 2019

Gun Control

It happens every time. Some loser with an agenda and a desire for fame that didn't take his pills in a few days walks into a department store and caps some randos in the name of his terrible ideology, and the left screams for gun control.

Here's the facts:

  • The crazies that do this crap that are underage couldn't have purchased a gun legally, and got it from their uncle, or their parents, or a friend's parents. The laws wouldn't have mattered.
  • The crazies that do this crap that are legal adults don't have any crime problems because they haven't done anything violently illegal, so they can pass the background check. The laws wouldn't have mattered.
  • The crazies that have background issues don't buy their guns legally. The laws wouldn't have mattered.
There you go. Your gun laws don't work. You wouldn't have stopped any of the shooters. Laws don't stop people from doing terrible things, they give a framework to punish them for having already done it.

So the left wants to add stupid unnecessary laws for weapons they don't understand because they don't use them and don't want to learn anything about them, and infringe upon our Constitutional 2nd Amendment right to keep and  bear arms, a right which specifies shall not be infringed:

Amendment II
Passed by Congress September 25, 1789. Ratified December 15, 1791. The first 10 amendments form the Bill of Rights:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. (emphasis added)

That means every state gun law that restricts a resident of the United States from keeping and bearing firearms is unconstitutional and should be challenged and struck down.

Regardless, let's look at what the 2nd Amendment says: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State.... let's stop there. Why is a well regulated militia necessary to the security of a free State? Because if we don't have weapons, a tyrannical government can walk all over the populace with no fear of any real response. This is China, Venezuela, North Korea, and every other country that holds to tyrannical ideals of power and control at the expense of their people. In a word: Communists.

America fought a war against a foreign power (England) for it's right to sovereignty, and our founders recognized that in order to avoid tyranny, our people must have the ability to fight back, hence our 2nd Amendment.

Ok, keep going... the right of the PEOPLE... stop there. An argument on the left is that we don't have militias, yet the second part of this sentence says the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms... that isn't the right of the militia, that's the right of the people.

Continue... the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

There. There you go. Shall not be infringed. All gun laws are unconstitutional.

I was watching Matt Christiansen this morning discuss the liberal media's claim that there has been more mass shootings this year than there are days, and they fear monger with this crap.

The problem is they skew data to make their point, including defensive shootings in their claim of mass shooting because four people breaking into a man's house, he grabs a gun and shoots them, killing three. That's apparently a mass shooting. 500 of the datapoints since April 23rd have been defensive shootings. Defensive. Protection. Defending ones self and family. Defense.

I live in Idaho. In Idaho you can get a concealed weapon permit, but you don't need it. You can legally conceal your weapon and carry it. Shoulder holster free for all. The limits on guns here are on people who have committed a violent crime, and the standard federal background check. Your automatic and suppressed weapons require special permits because of old democrat laws that frightened their delicate snowflake sensibilities at the time.

We also have one of the lowest gun crime rates in the country.

What cities and states have the most gun crime? Those that have the most strict gun laws.

What does this tell us? Gun laws don't work. They restrict law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves. When you think the person you're about to rob is packing, you think again and look for an easier mark.

Ok, so we have a problem with not knowing how to deal with mass shooters, and gun laws aren't going to fix it. What should we do?

Fix the actual problem.

In the last 70 years the liberal movement has turned to one of complete degeneracy and is eating away at every fundamental principle this country was founded upon. America was a place where someone with nothing could come here, work hard, and rise above.

Instead, Left America is inviting people to come here for free health care, free college, free welfare, and more.

That isn't working hard. That isn't rising above. That is a slave caste that is tied to the party that gives them free stuff, so they keep voting for them to keep getting free stuff while their cities burn and their neighbors kill each other while they ignore laws. They are taxed like crazy to pay for all that free stuff. Liberal policies do not support the people, they chain them.

In the last 70 years the liberal movement has disrupted the family, including the complete devastation of the families of black communities, with Johnson's housing projects like Pruitt-Igoe, that told women if they want to live in the housing unit their husbands have to leave the state.

(Pruitt-Igoe is a 2 hour documentary about the housing projects. It is totally worth the watch, and completely heartbreaking. This is liberal policy at it's finest)

In the last 70 years the liberal movement has disrupted the religious by attacking Christians, literally becoming the great and spacious building, mocking and trying to lead away with their "freedom" while really leading them with flaxen cords carefully down to hell. Less people go to church. Less people believe in God.

Do you want to stop mass shootings? Marry that girl. Take her and the kids to church. Raise your children to be good citizens that respect others. Teach them how to handle firearms. Teach them the history of our country. Don't live off the government welfare system. Rise above. Lift others up with you. Take responsibility. Don't be a victim. Get off Twitter. Don't vote for liberal policies that destroy the communities they tried to "save". Vote the issues. Do research. Be informed. Don't be a liberal.


10 July 2019

Almost had to stab someone this weekend

It's a frightening thing when at 345am your tent trailer handle is being rattled because someone is trying to see if it's unlocked.

I love camping. I have a fun time hanging out in nature, taking walks on the trails, seeing water falls, playing in the river. I love taking the opportunity to hang out with friends and family, bonding with the kids, maybe a little fishing now and then.

So when Venka called and said, "Let's go camping," I was all in. We called another buddy, spent way too much money on gear and snacks, and loaded up the minivan, borrowing a tent trailer from my wife's father (because she hates camping as much as I love it, and a tent trailer is closer to a house, which makes it bearable for her), and drove out to Niagra Springs.

The first night was fine. We got there late, got set up, and went to sleep, woke up the next day and spent all day playing with my friends and kids. That afternoon the babies were cranky and refusing a nap, so the wife and I loaded them in the van and took a little drive. At the ranger station box a black Nissan Altima was stopped. No one was in it. The station was closed, so i thought it a little weird, but figured they were either dropping an envelope in the self pay box or reading some posted notifications on the bill board. They came around the corner, got in, and drove up the hill to the waterfall. We also stopped to look at the waterfall.

Afterward we drove out of the canyon and took a little trip to get the girls to fall asleep.

When we came back, that same car was back at the ranger box, the three people sitting in the car. Weird.
We drove down the hill and the woman driver got out and went to the box. it wasn't easy to see, but it occurred to me that she was probably trying to jimmy the lock on the self pay box. Stephanie took a very far away photo. All it really showed was she had a black shirt, but it was something.

We went on about our evening, grilling bratwurst and hamburgers, swimming in the river, and generally having a great time.

That night, however, wasn't as calm and relaxed.

Stephanie woke me about 345am.
"Why is someone trying to open our door?" she pushed me a little to rouse me.
"What?" Then I heard it too. She had locked the door, but someone was indeed testing it to see if they could get it to open.
I leaped from bed, reaching in the dark for my knife and van keys. The keys hit the floor, and Stephanie heard the person run off. Not wanting to go out in my underwear, i pulled on my pants and grabbed a flashlight, stepping outside.

I woke Venka and Tony, but Tony had locked his truck so wasn't interested in getting up. Venka and I walked patrol, checked on the kids in the tents, and looked around. The camp on the north side was on high alert, one guy sweeping his flashlight across the grounds, and another flipping the alarm on their car to get the headlights on. We turned on our flashlights to be noticed and walked that way to check on them. They had heard someone creeping and were checking.

It took me about 2 hours to get back to sleep, and for the rest of the night i remained dressed with my knife on my hip. Next time i'll bring a gun.

The ranger did confirm the next morning when we reported it that the lock box had indeed been broken into.


12 April 2019

Migrating a crap ton of data

At work we have an old server. Like, 5 years old, not a name brand, some custom thing by a place called @XI. Nice server, don't get me wrong, but way more than we are making use of. The thing has four six-core procs and 64GB of ram, of which our one virtual Windows 2012 server is using 2 cores and 16GB. Total waste. There is one system partition and one 3TB data partition, which is full.

So I bought a new server with 10TB of data space. The trick is how to migrate the data over.

I've heard of XCopy, and that seemed like a good place to start, but when I first tried it on the smaller Corporate files, it didn't take the permissions over, and i had to keep restarting it. Probably my fault for not understanding the switches, but it didn't go well, and it was a lot of cleanup on Monday.

But it was only about 100GB, not 3TB. 3TB is a ton of data.

So with a bit more research, I discovered ROBOCOPY. I love just the sound of that name. I'm planning on moving this data during the maintenance on Saturday night, and I know that it's going to take awhile. Do I have to stay for the entire thing?

Well, while researching exactly what flags I need to use, I discover that Robocopy can do some amazing things. Like, it can move data, and if the files are open, it goes to the shadowcopy and pulls it from there so it's not interrupted. It runs at a default of 8 threads (max 128), and can move data really fast. I'm liking this program more and more. And I can get it to move just the stuff that has changed since a specified date and time.

Now I'm excited. Instead of waiting for the maintenance, I start a copy. Thankfully I'm not deleting the data off the old server for a little while to ensure that the new stuff works. I have a plan. Move the data tonight, do the maintenance, and copy just the stuff that changed tomorrow. Nice and easy, super fast.

I am curious, how fast can you move 3TB of data on a LAN connection?

I open up a data transfer calculator, click a couple of the buttons, and see what it says.

1TB @ 100Mb = 2583 hours.

What the ever living nightmarish hell did I just do?

I check the connection on my servers, praying to the machine gods that I didn't just sign up for a copy session that is going to last... three and a half months.

They're both running at 1Gb. Time: 2.5 hrs /TB. Oh, thank you thank you thank you. So it should be done when I wake up.

Robocopy... It's Xcopy on steroids.

Update: This morning it was still running. must have been only moving small files (of which there are apparently a bigger crap ton). I restarted it, telling it to ignore existing files (don't overwrite) and it's moved a TB in the last couple hours, so good. Should be done by tonite.


31 January 2019

The Charlie Landeros Shooting

A couple days ago I saw a post from Tim Pool about Eugene, OR resident Charlie Landeros, 31, being shot at Cascade Middle School by two police officers when he pulled a gun on them. (Incident occured January 11th)

You can watch Tim's original vid here: https://youtu.be/ulCy8rC6jI8. WARNING: according to Tim if you watch the original video (not his) to the end you see Landeros shot in the head. He does not show it in his video.

Anyway, today I saw a news clip from Ammo Land about this story. The first portion of the story says pretty much what Tim had to say in his video, which is that Landeros pulled a gun in a no-firearm area (a school) and fired two shots. The officer's body cam video confirms this. But then I get to the bottom and see this:

"Supporters of Landeros do not believe the shooting was justified. Lauren Regan of the far-left Civil Liberties Defense Center said that their organization would hire outside experts to review the shooting footage. Landeros was of Mexican and Filipino descent. She believes his ethnicity played a role in police deciding to use deadly force."

Read more: https://www.ammoland.com/2019/01/antifa-member-killed-by-police-after-opening-fire-on-officers-video/#ixzz5eFiw3UXN 
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution 
Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook

o.O I just don't understand this.

  1. Landeros went to a no-firearms location, a school, with a gun.
  2. When he was being arrested, he:
    1. resisted
    2. pulled a gun and tried to shoot the police officers

This had nothing to do with his being Mexican or Filipino. This had to do with him being stupid and pulling a gun on police officers. Body cam video confirms this.

Where.. How.. I don't even know what to say about this. How deluded is the left? How insane is the left that they ignore what is going on to blame racism?

They call this a homicide. No, it was an attempted homicide - by Landeros - and self defense by the officers.

I was surprised, at first. But then I thought about all the ridiculous people still attacking the Covington kids after the video footage confirmed that Nathan Phillips is a liar and the Black Hebrew Israelites at the Lincoln courtyard were saying terrible things to everyone present.

A large portion of the Left truly has gone insane. I worry for the fate of my country.

The article also suggests Landeros was a member of Antifa, and while Tim Pool didn't mention this, I did find a video from Justin Trouble that talks about it. If you are interested in seeing his research into the subject, you can read it here.


30 January 2019

Facebook blocks my posts... then blocks my post about blocking my post

Not sure how much longer I can deal with SJW illiberal overlords.

Matthew Christensen posted a video an hour ago about Oregon's new bill to destroy gun rights in the state. Check it out here:

I shared it, saying, "I hope our Oregon neighbors are awake to what the state is trying to do to their gun rights."
It didn't show.
I posted it again, "Oregon, wake up to what is happening to your g*n rights!"
It didn't show.
I posted without the vid, "Facebook censors my freedom of speech by blocking video about Oregon taking rights."
It didn't show.

SO pissed right now.

My wife has asked me, "Why are you so angry? This doesn't affect us. Why are you letting it get to you?"

Guess what, my love, it just affected me.

My freedom of speech is being censored by facebook. They have taken it upon themselves to police my content, as well as the content of countless others, to determine what is okay speech and what is not.

Well, I think I'm done. I'll use fb for a few pages, my game groups and stuff, but I'm not going to be active anymore. I'll use the messenger until they begin policing that, too.

Thank you, my friends.

Go to hell, facebook.


19 January 2019

Gillette joins the war... against their customer base.

*Reading it over again, it is harsh without context, because maybe you haven't seen the ad. So here's the context: Gillette put out an attack ad directed by post-modern feminist Kim Gherig.

Let's flip her message on it's head:

White women, stop killing your children and sleeping with your students. Stop nagging your husbands and treating them like crap. Stop falsely accusing men of rape, and stop faking pregnancy to trick men into marrying you.

Stop teaching your daughters to bully and harass girls in the school yard or on Twitter until they kill themselves. You should know better. You should be better. In fact, black women, tell the white women how they should behave, because you know better than they do.

Oh, and btw, white women, you're not allowed to be insulted by this, you're not allowed to insist that it doesn't apply to you. Accept it. You're toxic, and women of color will teach  you how to be women. 

Oh, and this message was written by a man who knows nothing of what it is to be a woman. You have to be okay with that too.

Now that that's out of the way, buy our feminine hygiene products.

The Problem with the Gillette Ad

Kim Gherig and the feminist run production company Somesuch, are trying to reshape what it is to be men, by making us weak, cuckolded betas.

Women, this is what you want? You want a weak, brow beaten man? You want your man to follow you around and be totally subservient to you? Because that's what Gherig thinks you should want.

What makes men men is under attack. This is the war I've been speaking about that some of you don't believe in. Men are under attack. White men are under attack. Who I am is under attack. 

I am a man. I'm not a toxic man, I am a man. I believe in supporting and encouraging my wife and children in the things they want to do. I believe in rough play, and in calm listening. I believe in doing nice things because it's the right thing. I believe in hard work and taking care of my family. I believe in seeing the woman I want to be with, in contacting her, in courting her, and in telling her how I feel. She fell in love with me because I pursued her, because I am a strong, confident man.

According to Gherig, when I was pursuing her, a black man should have intervened to tell me that it wasn't cool. 

Gillette has gone away from their message that men have good qualities that should be affirmed and supported. They have gone away from their message that men are strong and have good, positive, masculine characteristics:

They have joined the culture war on the side of Social Justice, against their customer base, accusing all men of the actions of a minority of men.

Social Justice Continues to Destroy Everything I Love

Star Wars, Star Trek, comics, Marvel, DC, movies, Linux, and now my freaking razors. Social Justice Warriors have infected everything around with their toxic ideology. They seek to shape the world in their new image. They can't make their own thing, they have to destroy mine, because SJWs don't create, they only destroy.

They attack. They insult. They deplatform. They call everything sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, call everyone who doesn't believe them nazis or russian bots, misogynists and white privileged patriarchs.

They insist that they are the champions of society by attacking it and seeking to tear it down, as in the radical leftist chant, "No borders, no walls, no USA at all!" or "No Trump, no wall, no USA at all!"

Marxist professors infect our colleges and radicalize our children to their views, indoctrinating them with the beliefs that white men are to blame for any bad in the world and only the church of Intersectionality can save them.

This is not a beautiful ad. This is an attack ad by post-modern feminists against men. My first razor was a Gillette. I taught my son to shave with a Gillette. I have been shaving with Gillette razors for over 25 years. Just this morning I used my last one, and it will be my last one.

So go ahead, Gillette. Hire your radical feminist film maker to drive away your base. Be politically correct and work to destroy men. Bow to the SJWs. We know how often they shave.


12 January 2019

Reasoned Debate vs Insults

I recently got in an argument with a person on Facebook. It wasn't on purpose.

There was an inline ad that came up in my feed about Marsy's Law for Idaho, asking people to sign a petition to give victims rights so that perpetrators would not have more rights than the victims. But no where in the petition, nor on the fb page, or the [Learn More] button does it explain what rights you are petitioning them to provide.

The conversation went like this:

After that she did not respond, so I guess, win for me? Not that I was looking for a win, I wasn't even looking for a debate. Just to point out the fallacies with the post and the hiding what you are signing, and for that I was attacked. For believing Kavanaugh did not do anything to Ford, because of a complete lack of evidence, I was called names and had assumptions made about me -- which are totally false, btw, I would not have voted for Trump. I would have looked at the Green Party, or some other libertarian centrist independent candidate.

I just found Miss Hemingway's way of response a bit extreme. Perhaps it is the anonymity of the Internet that emboldens her to speak so, to insult and yell (caps are still yelling, right?). When discussing the Kavanaugh trial she then switches to something completely unrelated to back up why Kavanaugh is an abuser.

She reframes the argument when she is losing because she can't stand on the facts, because she thinks feelings are more important. She thinks Ford's tears are more important than Kavanaugh's life and career. He's a man, other men have abused, so he must be an abuser. I have been abused, so she must have been abused.

But that isn't the way it works in reality. I know the radical leftist SJWs are trying to change reality, but as Ben Shapiro said, "The facts don't care about your feelings."


How do I find my focus?

For the last six months I have wanted to get into e-commerce. I have wanted to do something that can grow a passive income to take care of my family and not be so focused on being away from them working all day. Why am I giving my best to my boss instead of giving my best to my family?

The thing I discovered about ME starting an e-biz is that I am unfocused and easily distracted by the next shiny. First, drop-shipping from China. Then, drop-shipping from the US and Canada. Then, print on demand t-shirts. then, affiliate linking through ClickBank. then, writing monitized niche blogs. It's too much. I'm unfocused and having a heck of a time. I have a storefront on this site (click the Shop link at the top to see), but it isn't totally set up. I have several shirts to choose from, but i'm not happy with any of them. I've been so busy with the rest of work and getting the house ready to sell that I haven't had time to work on them, and so it's been a waste of money to keep up. The thing is, if I find something to sell, and then run the ads to sell it, it will probably be able to pay it back and pay for the money I've wasted on keeping it parked for the last six months.

I've noticed that about myself. I have the seven or eight pages on this site, a perfect place to be building a community, a following, and doing the things that I mentioned above, but it's taking the time to do it when I have my four kids at home and two houses that both need work, plus deciding if I can make a living from home or heading back out to look for a job. But I can't make a living from home when I'm doing all the other things that need done. Very difficult to write an article or do research or update a resume with a 14 month old on your lap that really wants to bang on the keyboard.

So my issue seems to be focus. I'm too scattered. My issues isn't that I lose interest, its that I can't decide what is more important, and I waste time on minutia and really unimportant things, like making the graphic logo on the website or trying to figure out why the menu keeps shifting up to one line.

These things don't make sales. They may help in the long run by making the site more professional, but if I had the ads running and the traffic coming, I could then have the time to fix the minutia.


21 October 2018

Research on the Vote

So, since I'm off parole in a week, I get to vote in this election November 6th. That's pretty exciting to me. I have only voted in one election since turning 18, and it was a local one. After that I was in the Marines, or in prison or parole, and haven't been able to. So now, at almost 43, I can vote again.

I've been researching to be up on the issues, and there is something concerning to me. Some of the Idaho Gubernatorial candidates do not publicly post their opinions on issues. Bev Angel Boeck(L) and Walter Bayes(constitutionalist) do not have any information available, and do not have websites available. Boeck has received and declined to answer issues questions from voter information websites. Bayes's fb page is blank, and Boeck's told me enough about her that I had no interest.

Just shows that just because we both like the L, we don't think the same.

But how can I vote for a Governor that won't publicly answer issues questions? That won't get a website made for their campaign that will tell me what they think and what values they hold?

Oh, wait. Looking a little deeper, Bayes was on that debate back in 2014 with Harley Brown when Brown told his story about God telling him he's going to make him Commander in Chief. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23LR7mqceA8) Guess I'll vote mainstream. Ugh. Can we get a 3rd party candidate that isn't insane, please?

I'm not voting for a party here, I'm voting for a person that will represent my interests.

For example, I looked into  Democrat Kristin Collum (Lt. Gov), because i think that's who Stephanie said she was voting for. I agree with her on the economic policy, but not with her endorsement of Prop 2 to increase power of the federal government by expanding medicaid, or on her education policies. But I looked. I was interested to see how she would vote.

I also looked at Democrat Aaron Swisher (US House). I agree with his desire to balance the budget. I agree with his desire for tax reform. Not sure what that will entail, but I know its a mess and could use some reform. But he wants to raise minimum wage, and I think that's a mistake. Adults are not supposed to be working at McDonalds for minimum wage. That's a job for teens in school. Once adults become adults they should be plying a trade, going to college, working a career that doesn't involve minimum wage. There are 7 million available jobs in this country. Don't settle for what you have, improve!

but I looked. I gave them a chance. Can't do it.

In presidential elections the popular vote means nothing, the electoral college decides the president. So basically my vote in that election doesn't matter. I'm okay with that. I don't think that I really see any difference in my life between Obama or Trump. After almost two years with Trump in office, I barely realized it had been so long because my daily life doesn't revolve around him.

But when it comes to local elections and senate elections, those are issues that can directly affect me because they are in my neighborhood. They are right here in my yard, and those are based on the popular vote, so I think it's important to participate.

So get out there, read up on the issues ( i use https://ballotpedia.org/), and make your voice heard.


30 September 2018

The war isn't coming. It's already here.

Kavanaugh. Ford. Republican. Democrat. Feminists. Old White Men. We are in a civil war and only a few recognize it. Here's what I see: 
  • A left-leaning middle of the road Supreme Court justice decides to retire because he knows that President Trump will pick someone on the right, and hopefully someone moderate, which will maintain a kind of balance.  
  • Democrats, fearing the overturning of Rowe v Wade, declare immediately that they will staunchly oppose anyone that Trump picks, and they begin their plans. 
  • A list of candidates is made.
  • Democrats threaten to do everything in their power to stop it. (Note: they don't even know who it is yet)
  • President Trump picks Brett Kavanaugh. 
  • Democrats grill him for several days, but can find no fault in him. 
  • Republicans plan on going through with the vote, which they will win by majority.
  • Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein announces she has a letter that she received at the end of July accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault by a woman that wishes to remain anonymous, from 1982. They did not mention this letter when they interviewed him in committee or in closed meeting. It was held as a last resort in case the Republicans favored him, which they do.
  • The news leaks the identity of the author of the anonymous letter, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. How did they get it? Dr. Ford says she didn't do it, Senator Feinstein says she didn't do it, so where did the media get the letter? Someone is lying. This is a power play. 
  • A few days later Dr. Ford comes forward as the author of the letter, since she's being harangued by the media anyway.
  • Her story is this:
  • She went with her friend Leland to a "gathering" (not a party). Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh allegedly pushed her into an empty room where music was playing. One of them turned the music up. Kavanaugh allegedly pushed her onto the bed, jumped on top of her, groped her and attempted to take off her clothes, but was too drunk and passed out. She left the room, went downstairs, left the gathering, and somehow found herself home, but doesn't know how. She can't remember who gave her a ride, it wasn't Leland.
  • Ford can't remember the location of the house, other than it was somewhere between her house and the local Country Club where her parents had a membership. 
  • FBI question Brett Kavanaugh. He says it never happened.
  • FBI question Mark Judge. He says it never happened.
  • FBI question Leland. She says it never happened and she doesn't even know Kavanaugh, has never been to a party or gathering with him.
  • Feminists and the left demand we must believe all women.
Is she telling the truth? Is she lying? I don't know.

But I do know that when a woman says she was assaulted/raped, we should listen, we should support, we should trust that the reason she is saying so is important. Care about her. It is important.

However, if she wants the accuser to have legal consequences she needs to provide corroboration or proof. She needs to provide details and witnesses, if available. If not, who did she tell? Who knows about it? They need to stand up. She needs to provide evidence to convict.

That isn't for my peace of mind, that is for the rights of the accused. Because if all it takes to convict someone is an accusation, we are doomed.

Dr. Ford has none of that. The details that she has don't add up. She names five people at the gathering: Mark Judge, Brett Kavanaugh, her friends Leland and PJ, herself.
All people at the gathering, other than Dr. Ford, deny the gathering happened. So no witnesses.

She says that there was an empty bedroom with loud music playing. Leland and PJ were downstairs. After using the bathroom she was pushed into the room. Why was music being played in the bedroom when everyone was supposed to be downstairs? Why did Leland and PJ not wonder when Dr. Ford, Judge, and Kavanaugh went upstairs and the music got louder? Why did Leland and PJ not wonder when Ford came downstairs, distraught, and left the gathering suddenly? Why did they not ask her about it the next day or days later at school?

These are important points that WOULD happen to anyone who cared about a person, and Leland was supposed to be her best friend. Leland WOULD ask about it, or at least hear that Ford didn't want to talk about it. But she doesn't. Leland says she doesn't know anything about the gathering and doesn't know Kavanaugh.

So Dr. Ford has no witnesses. No corroboration.

Kavanaugh provided detailed calendars of his activities for the entire year in question. He shows that he was out of town for a sports event. He shows that he had study activities or sports activities every weekend. He notes places he went, appointments he had, and shows where things were marked out and noted when appointments or gatherings changed.

Dr. Ford cannot provide a date other than the year. Kavanaugh has details for that entire year that show he was not at any gathering.

Dr. Ford says she was concerned when Kavanaugh was appointed to the Supreme Court because it was something she had to do as her civic duty.

She didn't raise this concern when Kavanaugh was appointed a DC Circuit Judge. She didn't raise these concerns when he was part of the Kenneth Star investigation during the Clinton administration and his name was all over the news.

I believe something happened to her. I believe she experienced a trauma, and perhaps even sexual assault. I do not believe it was Kavanaugh that did it. All evidence points to quite the contrary, that he is quite innocent. I believe this is a political play by Dems to allow them to continue having access to legal abortion, and that makes it terrible.

But there is a second part of this, one i mentioned before:
  • Feminists and the left demand we must believe all women.
When Feminism says, "Believe all women" it suggests the opposite, "Don't believe any man."

Ideology of any kind is dangerous, be it left or right. As a center-right person who believes in voting the issues, not the party, I hold to no ideology. I don't think of myself as Republican, never will. I find it dangerous. This situation is an example of that, and it is a display of the civil war. 

See on the news as leftists dressed in black armor and face masks show up to peaceful gatherings and attack, claiming they are standing against fascism. They enter restaurants and pubs, attacking people or screaming at them and disturbing dinners. They scream slurs like, "Racist!" at groups that contain mixed races and religions. They are supported by the media like heroes. 

Feminist SJWs gather and attack on social media to shut down free speech. They cry out for diversity, to end white male patriarchy, and inject their politics into private business to destroy from the inside. Comics, Star Wars, Linux, video games, Hollywood. They hate white men and call for their deaths.

Diversity. Intersectionality. The belief that the more marginalized a person is the more important they are. And since a white male is the at the top of their hierarchy, all other persons are oppressed by them, and they must be shut down.

I see it only getting worse. I don't know what to do about it. This country has gone mad and it isn't going to be something we can just wake up from. It isn't something we can just decide, 'Hey, let's knock this crap off and get along' because each side sees their side as being the only way.

We are in a civil war.

This will not end well.

*[Due to my wife's comment, I am removing the paragraphs that were assuming her views. I am sorry for my assumption.--Soulie] 


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