27 July 2023

SharePoint Migration Error 0x0207000B

Message PendingAction ExceptionId
Task Validation Failed. ACTION_STOP 0x0207000B

I attempted to upload six folders from a client's file server to OneDrive using the SharePoint Migration tool. It failed with the above error on each folder. I had done a csv upload of the folder list.

I did a thorough search online, and Microsoft's error list doesn't even include it.

After reviewing all my settings, I discovered that I had reversed the slash in the pathing. 


Since it is a web path, need forward slashes.


An easy fix, but one that isn't documented.


Matt Moffat August 19, 2023 at 6:17 PM  

Hero status, achieved. I have a csv of 1600 migrations as part of a move for my whole company from on-prem datacenters to local endpoints using sharepoint and onedrive and made the same mistake. Nowhere did I find why until I saw your blog post, rechecked my csv v, and bam, there is was, dang wrong direction slash haha. Thank you much!

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