12 September 2023

Unless the government fears the people, it will abuse the people

 I do not think it possible to have moral and wise people running the government long term, without certain safeguards. 

Some of these people are absolute imbiciles.

[Hank Johnson - Will Guam tip over?]

New politicians spend the first half of their term being told by old guard the way things really work, as their youthful exuberance and hope to make an impact are destroyed. 

Trump found this out, as I am sure have many other fresh politicians. His lofty goals and promises to build his wall, to drain the swamp, to release the Kennedy assassination documents.. all this ended upon his first briefing on how things actually work, with what he could and couldn't do. 

His appointments for advisors were tainted by enemies he didnt know he had. He trusted people, and they corrupted that trust, his son-in-law included.

Most people vote emotionally. Liberals vote for representation, or some other arbitrary descriptor, such as, "I always vote against the incumbant," one woman told me. 

Politicians are so out of touch with huge swaths of the country. 

i.e. the "flyover states". 

They pass legislation that doesnt make sense for anyone outside their cities, and most times not even for them.

i.e. minimum wage

....  gun control

....  rent control

....  taxation

....  water controls

At the onset, you may have people like George Washington that want the best for the country, who lay down power when it is no longer necessary. 

But over time, the grifters will come. The power brokers, the lobbyists, the influencers that are not altruistic. Corrupt people in power will work to retain their power and/or expand it.

I heard a clip from Lotus Eaters where they were playing a clip from TimCast IRL with Jackson Hinkle, a Maga Communist that said the value of Communism is, "Orienting government and the economy for the public good."

[Clip from Lotus Eaters]

[whole interview on TimCast IRL]

The issue is that our system, at the outset, was set up for this, but has been altered, diluted, reshaped, into it's present form where corruption can take over and the government no longer works for the people, but for themselves, stripping the value from the people and giving it to their friends, allies, and contacts to further enrich themselves. 

Further, there is no accountability. The government investigates itself. The government decides whether to prosecute itself, and which parts are prosecuted. The government can choose to cut out the portions that it doesnt like and ignore the parts it does. 

How many Senate Review meetings do we see where senators throw zingers at those they've dragged before them, and yet still do nothing. Sound bites that they can use in their next campaign for re-election.

A book cover of the book Lone Star Planet

I read a science fiction book called Lone Star Planet [Piper & McGuire, 1958] about people from Texas that settled a planet. They had giant animals they called "supercows" that were too large to wrangle with horses, they had to use tanks. Everyone had guns. 

A politician that made promises and then voted against the interests of his constituency was shot on the steps of the state house. The perpetrator surrendered, was relieved of his guns and taken into custody. He appeared before a judge that afternoon. The judge heard the case - very short - took a recess to discuss with the associate judges, and proclaimed verdict:

"You all know," he continued, addressing the entire assemblage, "the reason for which this young hero cut down that monster of political iniquity, S. Austin Maverick. On the very morning of his justly-merited death, Austin Maverick, using the powers of his political influence, rammed through the Finance and Revenue Committee a bill entitled 'An Act for the Taxing of Personal Incomes, and for the Levying of a Withholding Tax.' Fellow citizens, words fail me to express my horror of this diabolic proposition, this proposed instrument of tyrannical extortion, borrowed from the Dark Ages of the Twentieth Century! Why, if this young nobleman had not taken his blade in hand, I'd have killed the sonofabitch, myself!" 

He leaned forward, extending the belt and holsters to the defendant.

"I therefore restore to you your weapons, taken from you when, in compliance with the law, you were formally arrested. Buckle them on, and, assuming your weapons again, go forth from this court a free man, Wilbur Whately. 

"And take with you that machete with which you vindicated the liberties and rights of all New Texans. Bear it reverently to your home, hang it among your lares and penates, cherish it, and dying, mention it within your will, bequeathing it as a rich legacy unto your issue! 

"Court adjourned; next session 0900 tomorrow. For Chrissake, let's get out of here before the barbecue's over!" 

[Lone Star Planet, Piper & McGuire, Chapter 5]

When this system collapses, and it will, will the new phoenix that rises from the ashes seek public good, or seek to retain it's new found power? Will the Soroses come with shiny temptation? Will drugs, porn, and video games be used to placate the masses, the modern day bread and circuses? 

Or will we ensure that the power remains in the hands of the people, and the political class cannot, by hiding political pet projects inside 5000 page bills and depositing them four hours before the vote, take advantage? 

We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it - Nancy Pelosi

[Link to what is in the 1.7Trillion dollar spending package]

Unless the government fears the people, it will abuse the people.


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