22 April 2009

Fixing a Broken Home... and chainmaille

It has been a few days.. or maybe a week.. since I last posted. Any good reason why? no, not so much. Busy with IRL stuff.. work, wife, etc. My son is coming up from his mother's for the summer.. he'll be here in June, and I spent the weekend tearing out the bad carpet and remaining sheetrock /wood from the flood 2 years ago. Did I mention I procrastinate?

He wants that downstairs room that flooded, so I am going to do my best to have it somewhat ready for him. Next I need to coat the entire place in bleach and give it a good scrub, then seal the concrete to hopefully keep it from leaking again. Really, I need to dig out the wall from the outside and repair it there, but that means renting a small back hoe and being careful not to destroy my installed sprinkler system. doesn't sound fun so far.

Once the room is properly sealed (like i said.. dig it out..), i need to rebuild the walls. Only this time I'm not going to rebuild them as they were, 10" out from the concrete and totally open, I'm going to put up a wall to separate it and make it into a real bedroom. The old closet that used to take up the entire walkway to the laundry room is gone now, and I can use it as hallway space, running the wall over to the other side of the window.

This is a rough floorplan of the front of the basement (done in mspaint). The crooked line with the door in front of the window is going to be the wall i put in. Yes, it will most likely be crooked, as in not 90 degrees off the wall. Why? because i need to have the window be inside the bedroom for fire code and the entry to the laundry room (circle and two squares) isn't exactly in the best place.

Other things.

I received my arbor and blades from The Ring Lord in the mail. This will allow me to cut my own coils into rings. Yay! This weekend when the weather was beautiful I went outside at 8 in the morning and built myself a coil cutter stand. I'll put up pics later. Basically its a bunch of wood with a block of wood that has a hole drilled in it so i can drop the coils down. The drill will hold the blade into a notch that enters the hole where the coils are and i push the coils down onto the saw blade, and rings fall out the bottom into a cup. It works really well. i cut half my coil this weekend. Just wanted to make sure it was working right. Now I go back to my mandrell and make more coils so i can make more rings so i can make my hauberk (see the other posts on chainmaille to compare notes.)


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