30 January 2020

A Coalition of States

I signed up with the Convention of States when I heard about it on the Ben Shapiro show. I have since lost interest in Ben Shapiro, with his hypocritical refusal to debate Nick Fuentes, with his 45 minute tirade about the man and his subsequent refusal to allow Fuentes a moment to respond. Have him on your show, Ben. Be the man you say you are.

Anyway, I have been receiving emails from them, but I rarely check my email. Today I clicked and saw a message:

Please join the Convention of States team at our letter-writing pizza party to inform your legislators of your support for COS.

They need to know NOW that you want your state to join the 15 other states that have passed the the Convention of States resolution to propose term limits, fiscal restraints, and limits on the size of the federal government.
Your handwritten letters of support to your legislators are vital for the success of your state's passage of the resolution in the 2020 legislative session and are the best way to have an impact on their vote. 
On Wednesday, January 29, the COS Team will host a letter-writing pizza party
Join us to socialize with other concerned citizens, enjoy some great pizza, and write letters to our local legislators.
Congress will never make the hard decisions to keep from bankrupting our children and grandchildren. It's our responsibility to take charge. NOW is the time!
We look forward to having you join the fun! We'll provide the pizza, paper, and pens. Stop by for a little while to say hello! 
For Liberty,
Her message is a good one, her hope is pure. She and her coalition really do wish for the betterment of the country. I wish it was going to be as easy as passing some laws, or standing up and demanding it happen. 
Several recent events have declared to me why term limits, fiscal responsibility, and limited federal government will not be enough. Tyrannical moguls like Michael Bloomberg and George Soros seek to reshape the world in their vision, under threat of force.
I would like to attend Janis's party (except it was yesterday), I would like to write my congressman and tell him to join up, to lead us boldly into the future with a vision of smaller federal government, but it won't be enough. 
Virginia has been an example of that. over 20,000 people stood on the steps of the statehouse in Richmond, armed to the teeth, and declared that they would not comply with Democrat gun policies. Virginia Democrats ignored them. Bloomberg plans to spend his money and do the same in at least 12 other states, to take away our guns and leave us defenseless against criminals and the Left. 
Here is my reply to Janis:
I don't believe this will be enough. 

Our country is divided. Our parties find no more common ground. The Right fights for its constitutional rights as the Left seeks to rob them of it. 
Illusions of grandeur have overtaken them, as evidenced by their haughty and elitist view of the rest of the country. 

The Left will not give up until we are destroyed in tyranny. CoS is an excellent first try, but where is the protections of the constitution we have now? Half of our Judicial branch are ideological leftists that push their agenda, while the other half tries to preserve our sacred documents. Virginia threatens to create criminals of their populace over second amendment rights. Where is the Judicial when the Constitution specifies, "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED"? When even the Virginia constitution has stronger, more specific language that reinforces that amendment? And with Michael Bloomberg planning on 12 additional states to push his tyrannical disarmament policies into, we cannot afford to discuss this in committee.

Tell your leaders that we cannot depend on getting along with a party that views us as evil. Convince your leaders that there is no compromise. We have compromised too much already, and they demand more. From the ivory towers on the coast they rule with authoritarian integrity, backed by ideological money. 

No, this will not end well. We need to expand the Coalition of States to see that the only result that can bring peace and prosperity is a separation of the country. Draw the line. Red states and Blue states. And some of those Blue states will split as well, as the majority of Virginia is on the verge of becoming West Virginia, leaving Richmond a City-State, cut off from the rest of their ignored populace. 

This wonderful, amazing project, America, is under assault by Leftists that have read 1984 as a bible, and not a warning. They embrace the seven deadly sins and wallow in them. 

Peaceful separation or war. Have your coalition bring that before the country.



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