23 April 2007


My son has been staying with me the last couple weekends. He used to live with his mother in Arizona, but they recently moved up here, so i get to see him a whole lot more often. He's a really great kid. Creative, intelligent, inquisitive, all the things that give kids a lot of potential, except activity, but we're working on that. He'd rather sit in the basement and play video games than go outside and play. I can't completely blame him, there isnt much to do outside at my house. He doesnt have friends close enough to walk or bike to, and my yard isnt very big. His step-dad has talked about moving to my small town when he sells his big expensive house in Arizona and moves, and i really hope they do decide to move here, because then he could go to the same school no matter who he was staying with for the night.
Sammy (my wife) and I have been trying to have another baby. It'll be her first. Actually, she wants more than one. I asked her how many, and she said, "Two with an option on the third." Well, that sounded pretty logical to me. We've picked out names. We picked out one boy name and three girl names. I think she wants a girl :p.
The names we picked are:
  • Hunter Laurel (girl)
  • Reaghan Rose (girl)
  • Briarly Rose (girl)
  • Garrison Cole (boy)
We thought about rules and plans for how to raise our children. Here's the list on that.
  • No home school. - the kids need the social aspect of education as well.
  • Preschool is optional
  • Charter schools for high school.
  • Tell them you love them every day
  • Open line of communication
  • Don't forbid things, but share your view on them
  • Pro birth control
  • No groundings or time outs. Natural consequenses.
  • Encouragement without pressure - don't want them to feel they -have- to be the captain of the team, or go to Harvard, or something.
  • Don't label them with stigmas like ADHD, etc.
  • Make use of the needs of the condition, instead of treating it like a hinderance.
  • Don't designate one parent as the executioner. Handle the punnishment yourself.

I think that's a good start. I don't yell at Demon (remember, he named himself that, and i'm not using real names here, only handles). Haven't had a reason to. He's such a good kid. If he does something he's not supposed to, then we just talk to him about it. He gets sensitive sometimes, but that's just who he is. i was pretty sensitive at his age. He doesnt like homework. heh.. who does? but we work on it. The math is the most difficult for him right now. He's more artistic than he is analytical, but that's not a bad thing. Just means he has to work harder on the math stuff.


Stephanie Markel May 22, 2015 at 8:40 PM  

Homeschooled kids turn out so weird.

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