24 April 2007

Withmore City Blues, Ep1: Danny

So, I's on my way up ta my crash in de rose, an' i hear dis, "Help me, help me". i starts lookin aroun', an dis chickie come runnin down de hall an she run smack inna me. she total freak'd out. she cryin, 'er paint all runny an drekk. i askin wassa matts, an she say some chummer chasin 'er. wanna eat er brain or som'm. da's jes not clickin good wit me, so's i open de door an' shove 'er inna my cube.
i tries ta settle 'er, aber she jes keeps cryin an' screamin, an i hear 'im outside yellin ab't brains. she keep cryin an' bubblin on, an' he pos def gotta slip o' dat.
i jes start scannin on what ta do, so's i yell out dat i'm nappin, an' 'e's wakin me. well, he no fall fer dat, an 'e starts bangin on de hatch. well, dat jes ain' gonna hap on my crash. dis place, it ain' much, aber i's mine.
"Aight, grinner. ya dun pissed me off. yer done," i yell as i key in de unlock code. "No," she pleads, "He'll kill me."
"Don'cha worry none. I's got dis grinner."
"You have a weapon?" she asks.
I grin, raise my fists as i slip on my brass, "Chickie, I is da weapon."
"ok," she says with a reassured smile, "Kill him for me."
I click de last button on de unlock an' de door flies open, dis scrawny chummer wit blood on 'is mouth rushin in, an' heads right for 'er. din' eve look at me. Well, dat was 'is first mistake. An' last. I clock 'im across de jaw wit dos brass knucks, an i hear de bones snap. Tears well in 'is eyes, an he looks to me fer de firstime.
he lunges, jes in time ta take one inna gut. he doubles over, an i move in fer de kill, aber he slides to de side an' places a kick in my back. Damn, dat freakin hurt.
I shake off de pain an' punch at 'im again, hittin 'im inna shoulder. he's bruised, an' his mouth bleedin more dan it was when he strolled in, an he kick's me inna belly. well, i'm tireda bein kicked, so i grab 'im. he's strugglin, aber he canna git away, an i jes keep squeezin like i'm a bear an' e's a snack. i whisper in 'is ear, "Yer dun, grinner. yer gonna die."
well, he musta freak'd er som'm, cuz he reaches down deep an' grows a pair, an manages ta slip free. he kicks at me, an i move to da side, an' step in, d'liverin a clean brass ta 'is nose. 'is face base 'splodes at dis point, blood flyin, nose busted open. He crumps to da floor, an i's all breathy an' sweaty, an she is chantin in my head, "Kill 'im. Kill im."
I step up to da ugly bastard an' place my meaty hands on 'is turf, give a quick yank, click da crack, an all she wrote fer po' grinner.
"That'll teach him to extort money from me," she says, an i gots no frikkin click what she be babblin about. she places a kick to 'is belly as she heads out de still open door, sayin, "Dump the body an keep yer mouth shut." She drops a pile of chy on de floor an' walks out.
well, i'm jes kinna stunned, cuz she don' sound like no chickie in trubbs, an' as i run de whole trick thru my scanner, i 'mem'rs 'er sayin 'is name. Danny.
She knew 'im. not jes some clowner from de mix, she knew 'im.
well, i don much wanna have a corpse inna crash, so i's grabbin 'im up an draggin 'im outta der, scan dat my hatch red's a'hin me, an i takes 'im down an' out de lobby.
Yeah. tru de lobby. din' say i was dat smart.
I walk out de front, right into a passin Agent. I c'n see 'is eyes bugger as he scans big ol' me, draggin dis dead body outta de rose, an i knows i's in fer it.
"What in the hell are you doin?"
"Uh... oh, hey Agent. Namuch. Dis grinner what push'd inna my crash an 'tak'd me. i hadta do 'im."
"You had to kill him? why didn't you just call us??!!"
i could tell dis Agent was kinna shocked an' pissed, an i jes kept talkin.
"Well, my prog got gank'd by some grinner day or so ago."
"You could have called us on SIC."
"Dinna click wit dat one, Agent."
Jes about dat time, dis mixer chickie wanners in an sees me, sees de agent, an sees de grinner lyin at my feet. she seems ta scan fer a min, den runs off.
"Didn't cli... Ok, you're commin with me," Agent says.
Chickie pulls up inna ambulance.
"Where we goin, Agent?"
"You're goin to lockup, mixer, now pick up that corpse"
"You wamme ta put it inna 'bulance?"
"Why in the hell would i want you to do that?"
"I dunno, Agent, i jes tryin ta figger out whachu wan"
"I want you to go to Terra, you're goin to jail!"
He's gettin perty flabber'd now, an da's jes what i want.
"Aight, Terra it is. I's goin quiet-like, Agent." So off to the west i go. I get down de street, fronta de doc chop shop, an i click's 'im yellin from down der, "YOU FORGOT THE CORPSE!!"
i chuckle an' head back. he meets me half, an' i c'n see he's havin trubbs clickin what ta do. we walk back ta in fronta de rose.
No body.
not nobody, but no body. no corpse.
"I don' see no corpse, Agent."
"What corpse?" de li'l mixer chickie asks, all inn'cent like.
De Agent, he what looks real mad now, ready ta do us both, i clicks, an he not scannin right, an he crawls inna back o de 'bulance, prolly ta check fer da grinner.
Dat was my queue.I bolt down de street, dodgin traffic an' oder mixers, tuck myself in some bounty place enda Sin, wait it out fer a bit, den head back to my cube.
Danny... huh.


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