24 April 2007

Withmore City Blues - Foreward

Didnt know what else to call it. Foreward seems like the right thing. The two previous entries, read from the bottom up, are stories from the first person view of my Sindome character, Michah.

Sindome is a dark and gritty cyberpunk world based upon the writings of sci-fi authors like William Gibson, Phillip K. Dick, and Neal Stephenson. In 2092 the California desert is uninhabitable for the general population. To house the masses, domes were built to be self sufficient cities safe from the elements. Withmore City is one such dome. The stories that take place within its walls are in the central districts, and are separated into four levels. From the bottom up, Red, Gold, Green, and Blue. Red is the mix. The ghetto. Filled with pimps and whores, gangs and criminals, and the poor masses unfortunate enough to not have the education or contacts to elevate them, red district tears itself apart while the more prestigious corporate denizens live oblivious above.

in March of 2091, a new immigrant from Las Vegas wandered through the gates to begin a new life. Michah is his name, and his stories are those that follow.


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