27 August 2007


My friend Spiral wrote a song for me and my admin partners at Sindome.

Spiral sings, o/~ Soooul is such a slaker...that's all he does..is be a slacker..
o/~Spiral sings, o/~ And then there's Slither.. who idles all day.. he's here for an hour.. then goes away..
o/~Spiral sings, o/~ And then dear Johnny.. he likes to stop by... but he doesn't say hi...
o/~Spiral sings, o/~ And who's this Recoil... we don't know what he does..but we're sure he's important.. and makes what we love..
o/~Spiral sings, o/~ And FireStorm.. he's a really cool guy.. he's here and there.. then says goodbye.. o
/~Spiral sings, o/~ And wacky Chaos.. we know he's around.. you can't see him.. but you randomly fall on void's ground..
o/~Spiral sings, o/~ And silly Wren.. he's hardly ever on.. but when he is.. he's lots of fon..
o/~Spiral giggles.



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