31 October 2008

Nostalgia ain't what it used to be.

I've had a few cars in my life. None fancy or fast, and few cool. My current car, my Honda Civic, is pretty cool, but aside from that they're mostly whatever i could afford at the time to get me by.
One car that i had that held a lot of memories was my first car, a '77 AMC Gremlin. Blue with a black swoop on each side. (Pic is stockart, not my actual car.)

My mother gave it to me after high school. it was a bit of a beater, no radio, so i had a battery operated tape deck. Gas gauge didnt work, so i had a stick and every so often i would open the tank and drop this stick down and check the level. A friend of mine was trying to dig the light out of his LA Gear shoes (remember those?) and broke my key off, so no key. Long as i didnt lock the steering wheel, i was good.
It had a split-back bench seat at first, and that was okay, but not the most comfortable. So when my brother was junking his little Toyota truck, i jumped at the chance to swap my seats out for buckets. The problem was that the passenger seat wouldnt line up with the bolt pattern, so had no support. I fixed that by turning it around to face backwards, and actually liked it better. I could see the person sitting next to me so much better, and she could make samaches and change tapes. It was great for the road trip we took to McCall.
Alas, it is gone now. While i was away in boot camp my mother sent it off to be recycled.
To my first car that got me around, I salute you.


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