15 September 2008


Tyke was an interesting character. Some people feared him, although I never saw a reason why. He was wiccan, a good guitar player, a decent teacher, friendly enough, was in prison for killing a guy with a crossbow. Yeah. Crossbow. How often do you hear that?

He taught me to play guitar, but i had to be careful not to let my thumb creep over the neck of the guitar. he'd try to bite it off. One day he came to me with a can of spam and said that he heard that cleaning your guitar with Spam would make it shine and help the wood to last.

No. It just makes your guitar greasy and smell like Spam.

Tyke had a scar in the shape of an H on his forehead, left side. One day I asked him where he got the scar. He said:

"When I was born there was a lump on my head right here. The doctors cut it open and inside was a plastic bubble with a note. It said: I owe you one brain, love God."


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