21 September 2008

WoW - First dungeon instance

I found out the hard way that I am not that good a team member, and a really sucky team leader. Heading to the deadmines in westfall, being level 28 Paladin, I was sure that we could do some damage. I started looking for a team and picked up a 15th level warrior, 17th level priest, 16th level rogue. Within 2 minutes the warrior was dead. *sigh* we waited around until he got back, within another minute he was dead again.

I'm not sure if it was an unexperienced healer or just overall party chaos. being a pali and having some healing abililty, i expected to be able to backup. but when the rounds start coming down range, tunnel vision sets in and all i can see is the enemy. The cries of my quickly dying team fall on deaf ears as i drop blow after blow on miners so low in level i wont get any experience worth a damn. Two elites go down, the passage is clear, and i realize i'm standing by myself. the entire party is dead.

well, that was enough for the warrior. He never came back. Okay, Rogue, Priest, and me. we're ready to kick some butt and take some names. Well, the ogre did a number on us and it took another try before he fell. but that is when we lost the priest. sad, but she gave it her best.

The rogue and i tried several more times, killing elite goblins one by one, but the mechanical beast the gobo was riding was just too much for us and we parted ways; a little more experienced, a little wiser, a little richer, but not much.


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