08 October 2008

Improbable... but true?

Sage, my beautiful wife, and I were talking last night about stories which were true, yet improbable. I dont remember why, we just were. So i told her to tell me one.

Sage: You know, the one about the people.

Soul: About the people. What else?

Sage: And... brown.

Soul: Brown and people? No no no. You have to tell me a story.

Sage: I don't know any stories.

Soul: It doesnt matter if you -know- them.. you just make them up. Like, you remember that guy we were talking to at that party that told us about his friend? He was driving on the highway, and all a sudden this truck came out of no where and hit him head on. Well, the guy wasn't wearing his seat belt and he went half way thru the windshield and his head came off. And it was sitting on the hood of the car and his mouth and jaw were moving like he was trying to talk, but he couldnt say anything cuz his friggin head was on the hood of the car. See? Improbable, but possibly true.

Sage: Was it a brown car?

Soul: ... Yes. Yes it was.

Sage: See? Brown... and people. It fits.

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