30 November 2008

Getting Older

I had a birthday yesterday. How old, you might ask? Dunno. stopped counting after 28. Ask my wife. I think she remembers.

Anyway, getting older got me thinking about .. well, being younger. It got me thinking about my expectations for my birthdays in my youth and what i expect out of them now. I loved big parties with lots of people and food and music and games and lots of mingling and snacking. Presents were never important. I'd much rather have my friends and family all together. Well, this year my friends list is dwindling, and there was no money for any kind of food filled bash, so we had a gaming party instead. my folks came over in the early afternoon for cake and chat, then they left and my two remaining (almost one, when Lone ships off for the Marines in January) friends that live here and I spent 10 hours killing random things in Dawn of War. Overall it was a great birthday, even without all the people and food. Pizza, of course, was there, and Sinister's wife brought a really great jello pie, and we still had cake.

But as I get older, do I really expect large house-filling-stomach-stuffing-music-blasting parties?

Yes. yes i do.

Maybe next year.


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