05 March 2009


My few readers may have noticed a shockingly different facelift here, and I am quite pleased with it. yes, i pulled it from a free template site, but meh. I liked it (after a few color changes... default is ... pink.) This isn't going to be the last of the changes, however. I'm going to be separating things... adding additional pages that will focus on the different directions I tend to go so that readers can find what they are looking for and not have to wade thru what they don't care about.

This desire to alter my virtual home was inspired by another blogger. I was over at RoleplayingPro just now and read Samuel's post on What do Gamers want from Gaming Blogs. Very good question. I started thinking about the readers that came to my blog and what they looked at/commented on while they were here. That naturally lead my blitzy brain into additional thinking and now I need to segment my blog into various sections to respond to each situation.

For one, my video game reviews. Video Gamers that come to check out my reviews may not be all that interested in: my personal home life; the people I knew in prison; my creative writing attempts; my webcomic work; my various hobbies. Each of these things is getting its own page. I'm going to create a main page that will feedblast each section, and readers can choose which they want.

I'm also considering a domain change. i've had markofcain.us for awhile now, so that's why i've been using it, but now that i've picked the Blitz Hobby-ing title, i think its time to search for a more relevant address.

So in the future, look for big changes here at Blitz Hobby-ing. If you have suggestions or recommendations, leave me a comment.



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