09 March 2009

Monday is the new Wednesday!

Welcome to Blitz Hobby-ing -dot- Com!

There. Finally. The DNS has completed replication and all blog pages are go. I've uploaded the template and have the majority of the links and sidebars complete. More will be moved around and added as we go, so thank you for your patience. I still have to notify my affiliates (rpgbloggers.com and blogcatalog.com) of the changes, so it may be a little while before things start posting on the correct feeds. and there is still a matter of migrating the old feeds off this page and into the new catagories, which could take awhile. Maybe i'll just do the last six months or a year or something.

Sage is still doing up some title bars to add a splash of color, so i'll get those posted soon.

Anyhow, leave me comments on what you think of the new site. is it readable, easy to nav, etc. ? is there more of something you would like to see?


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