05 March 2009

That was quick

Check back monday (about how long it should take for zone edit and godaddy to get their act together) for news about the progress of the update. i picked up www.blitzhobbying.com and that will be the new aggregate site. It's going to feed all the other pages. I've currently separated them into the following catagories:

  • Art
  • Comics
  • Hobbies
  • Personal
  • Reviews
  • RPGs
  • Writing
There will be links at the top of each page to each other site and feeds will be displayed on the main www site. It's going to take me a little time to move all the posts, but I think when it's done it will be worth the wait.

blog.markofcain.us will be directed to the main www site to make it easy for those who are currently reading to continue.



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