26 July 2018

Been too long

it has been far too long.

I dropped off suddenly for reasons that don't matter anymore. Let's catch up:

  • That girlfriend that I got? I married her. We had twin baby girls. We took them to the temple and were sealed to them. They'll be a year in September.
  • I own two businesses, partner in one, Soul (snicker) proprietor in the other.
  • I put one of my designs on a t-shirt, you've seen this in the art page:
  • We are selling her house and buying land and I get to finally build my papercrete house =D
  • I've watched way too much politics the last several months... but i'll get to that later.
  • I am still running D&D... a family game for my in-laws and going to start another for some friends. I have so many games that I have never been able to play because everyone wants to go the safe route with freaking D&D!! gah! oh well. least it's playing.
If you're still out there, thank you for reading. I'll post more often.


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