27 July 2018

The dangers of Politics

I have never been interested in politics. For a time when Obama was running for president Sage and I did our due diligence and studied up. We were most interested in Ron Paul, but he was basically laughed off the stage at the debates, so we voted Obama because he was charismatic and promised change. I have no idea if there was really change, but I didn't believe all the hype that the other side threw at him. Whatever. I was away for his term. Presidents don't mean much in prison.

Star Wars has always been big in my life. I love the movies, the books, and my favorite RPG is Star Wars Saga Edition by WOTC. I know it's scattered all over all the books, but that's why I condensed the feats, talents, and races into their individual books. A project of love for the game I enjoy most.

What does SW have to do with politics, you may ask?

Three words: The Last Jedi.

I'm sure you've heard the debate. Fans didn't like it so they spoke up, said, "Hey, Rey is a Mary Sue. She has no growth, you set her up as unbeatable with absolutely no training." "Hey, Why did you make Finn into a joke?" "Why the hell would you make a huge change like the weaponization of hyperspace??!! That changes everything!! What the hell are you doing??!!", and in response directors called us names like misogynists, manbabies, racists, and dismissed the criticism; media attacked the fans, calling us toxic white males and saying we are racist woman haters, and it's too bad that the reality didn't live up to the story in our heads.

Still don't see the politics? Neither did I. I was mad enough about the way LucasFilm was treating us. And then I watched Alex Becker's video on SJW politics in Star Wars and I had no idea what an SJW was. I had to look it up. And then I had to follow the trail down the rabbit hole to learn more.

Have you ever watched the movie or read the book Flowers for Algernon? SPOILER ALERT: Charlie is mentally challenged and becomes the test subject for some scientists working on brain enhancements. (See also: Lawnmower Man.) Charlie gets smarter, but then he gets so smart he starts to recognize his own superiority to the scientists. He gets resentful. He gets angry. Then the drugs start to wear out and he goes back to being hapless, innocent ol' Charlie again.

I wish I could go back to my ignorance. My research has made it clear that I am pretty conservative in many things, and that has set me at odds at some points with my wife, who is a self proclaimed feminist and part time social justice warrior herself, though not to the degree as some of the leftists I see online. We had to have a serious sit down discussion to sort through our views and make sure they were still in line for the raising of our children. That was a tough couple days.

And finally, to wrap it all up, my knowledge of SJW politics still does not always come to mind when I post things online. On my twitter feed I posted this:

And you can see at the bottom that it got one retweet. Fantastic! I only have 8 followers, and this guy has 460 something. So maybe someone would click the pic, like it, and buy the shirt. It'd be free advertising. I followed them to give my support.

But then over the last couple days I started paying attention to what this person was posting, and I realized I made a mistake thinking this was a good thing. I mean, I was wondering why they didn't like the post if they retweeted it, and I noticed that no one had gone to my store. That's when I started to pay attention to the stuff they were posting and retweeting. OMH! This person didn't like my post... they hated my post. They are vegan animal activists and I just posted a pic of a crazy naked dude pouring the blood of a squirrel into a bowl to use in a sacrificial magic ritual.

And that's when it hit me, politics is everywhere.

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