15 August 2018

I tried to start a baby store.

It didn't work out as well as I had hoped.

With the twins and the sheer amount of money that was being spent on stuff, I figured it was a decent market to break into. I started an e-commerce store, found items that were similar or better than the ones we purchased, ran ads, and got nowhere. I had a facebook blog where I posted almost daily amusing anecdotes about my babies, pictures of their cuteness, advice on raising them, and tagged products that were for sale in the pics or the stories. I could have done that forever, but I need to make use of the store, and it isn't happening, so I am moving on from that, too.

I'm trying again, but in a different niche. I know that you're supposed to pick something that will have a high emotional sales volume, that maybe you know nothing about but just find the right thing. I may try that, but I think instead I'm going to focus on what I love, which is the things in the link bar at the top. Games, reviews, comics, writing, blogging, and home. Note that there is a new one called Shop. Right now it will only have tshirts, but I'm in the midst of making a contact with a distributor to sell rpg games, I have found some absolutely amazing dice, and maybe I'll get together with some friends to make a table top game of our own. Most likely a board game.

Maybe someday I'll do something on YouTube as well. My daughter wants to, she is all hyped up, and I think it's great. She wants to do Let's Plays with her brother. I would love to see her succeed.

Swing by the store, I've got some great t-shirts up there, as well as my current favorite, Not Every Cleric is a Healer. A painting that I did based on one of my player's characters.

Thanks for visiting, and Happy Hobbying.


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