25 August 2018

Working in the shop

Just spent the last several days working on the 'Shop' for the site, making it fit in with the theme of the site. No easy task. Shopify uses a modified CSS code, so I had some new things to learn. I did some HTML coding way back when, but this was something new.

I'm most familiar with VB.net and C#, and people think, "Ah, a website... pshh.. that's easy." but when you mash up two different sites to make them look seamless (or, in my case, almost seamless) it takes some time and figuring. Move a pixel, compare... move a pixel, compare.. repeat ad nauseum.

I will be posting game product reviews and then selling them in the shop. i will be making t-shirts and selling them in the shop. I appreciate the business, it keeps me running and keeps my twins in diapers.

Thank you and welcome.



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