30 September 2018

The war isn't coming. It's already here.

Kavanaugh. Ford. Republican. Democrat. Feminists. Old White Men. We are in a civil war and only a few recognize it. Here's what I see: 
  • A left-leaning middle of the road Supreme Court justice decides to retire because he knows that President Trump will pick someone on the right, and hopefully someone moderate, which will maintain a kind of balance.  
  • Democrats, fearing the overturning of Rowe v Wade, declare immediately that they will staunchly oppose anyone that Trump picks, and they begin their plans. 
  • A list of candidates is made.
  • Democrats threaten to do everything in their power to stop it. (Note: they don't even know who it is yet)
  • President Trump picks Brett Kavanaugh. 
  • Democrats grill him for several days, but can find no fault in him. 
  • Republicans plan on going through with the vote, which they will win by majority.
  • Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein announces she has a letter that she received at the end of July accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault by a woman that wishes to remain anonymous, from 1982. They did not mention this letter when they interviewed him in committee or in closed meeting. It was held as a last resort in case the Republicans favored him, which they do.
  • The news leaks the identity of the author of the anonymous letter, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. How did they get it? Dr. Ford says she didn't do it, Senator Feinstein says she didn't do it, so where did the media get the letter? Someone is lying. This is a power play. 
  • A few days later Dr. Ford comes forward as the author of the letter, since she's being harangued by the media anyway.
  • Her story is this:
  • She went with her friend Leland to a "gathering" (not a party). Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh allegedly pushed her into an empty room where music was playing. One of them turned the music up. Kavanaugh allegedly pushed her onto the bed, jumped on top of her, groped her and attempted to take off her clothes, but was too drunk and passed out. She left the room, went downstairs, left the gathering, and somehow found herself home, but doesn't know how. She can't remember who gave her a ride, it wasn't Leland.
  • Ford can't remember the location of the house, other than it was somewhere between her house and the local Country Club where her parents had a membership. 
  • FBI question Brett Kavanaugh. He says it never happened.
  • FBI question Mark Judge. He says it never happened.
  • FBI question Leland. She says it never happened and she doesn't even know Kavanaugh, has never been to a party or gathering with him.
  • Feminists and the left demand we must believe all women.
Is she telling the truth? Is she lying? I don't know.

But I do know that when a woman says she was assaulted/raped, we should listen, we should support, we should trust that the reason she is saying so is important. Care about her. It is important.

However, if she wants the accuser to have legal consequences she needs to provide corroboration or proof. She needs to provide details and witnesses, if available. If not, who did she tell? Who knows about it? They need to stand up. She needs to provide evidence to convict.

That isn't for my peace of mind, that is for the rights of the accused. Because if all it takes to convict someone is an accusation, we are doomed.

Dr. Ford has none of that. The details that she has don't add up. She names five people at the gathering: Mark Judge, Brett Kavanaugh, her friends Leland and PJ, herself.
All people at the gathering, other than Dr. Ford, deny the gathering happened. So no witnesses.

She says that there was an empty bedroom with loud music playing. Leland and PJ were downstairs. After using the bathroom she was pushed into the room. Why was music being played in the bedroom when everyone was supposed to be downstairs? Why did Leland and PJ not wonder when Dr. Ford, Judge, and Kavanaugh went upstairs and the music got louder? Why did Leland and PJ not wonder when Ford came downstairs, distraught, and left the gathering suddenly? Why did they not ask her about it the next day or days later at school?

These are important points that WOULD happen to anyone who cared about a person, and Leland was supposed to be her best friend. Leland WOULD ask about it, or at least hear that Ford didn't want to talk about it. But she doesn't. Leland says she doesn't know anything about the gathering and doesn't know Kavanaugh.

So Dr. Ford has no witnesses. No corroboration.

Kavanaugh provided detailed calendars of his activities for the entire year in question. He shows that he was out of town for a sports event. He shows that he had study activities or sports activities every weekend. He notes places he went, appointments he had, and shows where things were marked out and noted when appointments or gatherings changed.

Dr. Ford cannot provide a date other than the year. Kavanaugh has details for that entire year that show he was not at any gathering.

Dr. Ford says she was concerned when Kavanaugh was appointed to the Supreme Court because it was something she had to do as her civic duty.

She didn't raise this concern when Kavanaugh was appointed a DC Circuit Judge. She didn't raise these concerns when he was part of the Kenneth Star investigation during the Clinton administration and his name was all over the news.

I believe something happened to her. I believe she experienced a trauma, and perhaps even sexual assault. I do not believe it was Kavanaugh that did it. All evidence points to quite the contrary, that he is quite innocent. I believe this is a political play by Dems to allow them to continue having access to legal abortion, and that makes it terrible.

But there is a second part of this, one i mentioned before:
  • Feminists and the left demand we must believe all women.
When Feminism says, "Believe all women" it suggests the opposite, "Don't believe any man."

Ideology of any kind is dangerous, be it left or right. As a center-right person who believes in voting the issues, not the party, I hold to no ideology. I don't think of myself as Republican, never will. I find it dangerous. This situation is an example of that, and it is a display of the civil war. 

See on the news as leftists dressed in black armor and face masks show up to peaceful gatherings and attack, claiming they are standing against fascism. They enter restaurants and pubs, attacking people or screaming at them and disturbing dinners. They scream slurs like, "Racist!" at groups that contain mixed races and religions. They are supported by the media like heroes. 

Feminist SJWs gather and attack on social media to shut down free speech. They cry out for diversity, to end white male patriarchy, and inject their politics into private business to destroy from the inside. Comics, Star Wars, Linux, video games, Hollywood. They hate white men and call for their deaths.

Diversity. Intersectionality. The belief that the more marginalized a person is the more important they are. And since a white male is the at the top of their hierarchy, all other persons are oppressed by them, and they must be shut down.

I see it only getting worse. I don't know what to do about it. This country has gone mad and it isn't going to be something we can just wake up from. It isn't something we can just decide, 'Hey, let's knock this crap off and get along' because each side sees their side as being the only way.

We are in a civil war.

This will not end well.

*[Due to my wife's comment, I am removing the paragraphs that were assuming her views. I am sorry for my assumption.--Soulie] 


Unknown September 30, 2018 at 7:48 PM  

I've never said we should believe all women. I don't believe Ford just because she is a woman. In fact, I didn't decide I believed her till after I heard her version of events from her own mouth. I never said Kavanaugh is guilty. This is not about innocent or guilty. No one has been charged; no one is being convicted. I have never breathed a word against Kavanaugh. Wait. I have since the live stream, and saw his hostility and finger-pointing for myself, but before that, I said nothing negative nor accusatory about him.
If it was a run of the mill event for him, he might not remember it. He might be telling the truth as he sees it.
Believing her doesn't mean I condemn him. Indeed, I do not.
Love you.

Soul Existence September 30, 2018 at 9:01 PM  

his hostility was for being accused when he insists he did not do it. I would be just as angry and hostile.

Unknown October 1, 2018 at 6:30 AM  

Listen? Yes... Believe? Not necessarily... One must weigh evidence...
The evidence points to him telling the truth, and Ford lying... Not misremembering, or mixing events... She is lying... Too much inconsistency... And the refusal to testify under oath...
Idaho passed a bill a few years back, staying that once a woman made a statement about alleged abuse, it was unlawful for anyone in a legal setting to ask her any questions... It was overturned fairly quickly... Have a right to face or accusers...

RAZ October 1, 2018 at 9:35 AM  

I think there is room to listen to and respect the rights on both sides of an act/accusation. If a person claims that they have been sexually assaulted, they ought to be listened to and supported, and given the resources they need for healing. We don't get to choose for that person whether or not they feel trauma. This process is separate from the accusation. If there are resources for sexual trauma survivors that are contingent on a conviction or accusation, maybe we ought to look into opening those up to all people who feel that they've been victims, whether or not they want to name names.

Once someone points the finger of accusation at another person, though, the rights of the accused come into play. Being innocent until proven guilty is one of the cornerstones of our legal system. We can still provide for the emotional and physical needs of the accuser, but to bring justice upon the accused there is a requirement to prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

My problem with this situation is that it doesn't seem to be focused on healing or helping Dr. Ford, or on any sort of real legal proceeding against Kavanaugh. It seems to me that a group of powerful individuals has seen the recent social climate around #MeToo and similar movements and decided to drag Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford through the mud in an attempt to further their own power grab. Rather than seek help for Dr. Ford and prosecution for Kavanaugh, they want to wield the power of the Court of Public Opinion and the influence of the media to bring Kavanaugh down with only an accusation. They don't care about proof, because they realize the social climate right now can condemn and ruin someone without the burden of proof that a real court would require.

I don't know the truth about what did or did not occur between Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh back then. This isn't really about them, though. This is about powerful people using the trauma of others as a tool to consolidate power. I would rather have some guilty people walk free due to lack of evidence than live in a society in which someone can be condemned and torn apart based only on an accusation. This is an attempt by politicians to test the power of the social media mob as a political weapon, and that's why I don't like it.

Soul Existence October 5, 2018 at 5:27 PM  

Raz, you are exactly right. Hear. Listen. Ask for proof. Get help for those that need it.

But the current state of the left is as Judge Kavanaugh said it, "Search and Destroy."

I don't like it either, friend.

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