14 November 2019

Corruption in Politics

This started as a response to a post on facebook, but grew too long. I'm moving the post here where it will probably not get read lol.

Some French guy 150 years ago said, "If at 25 you are not a liberal you have no heart, and if at 35 you are not conservative you have no brain."

The issue today is that truth isn't just fact. Leftists (as opposed to normal liberals) that have aggressively taken over the Liberal side of the conversation see "My truth" instead of "the truth", because it is based on emotional reaction instead of facts.

Epstein's death is a clear case of corruption, powerful elites silencing the man who can air their dirty secrets, from Bill Clinton to Prince Andrew, and over 1000 others in his little black book, and Epstein's money and power are a clear case of corruption. The fact that his lolita island and lolita express airplane even exist is a testament to corruption. That powerful leaders in multiple countries have taken regular rides on his plane and to his island is further proof of corruption and the downfall of our society.

Political elites on both sides have lost the country. This is not just a right or left issue. Democrat leaders have spent the last three years trying to undo an elected president because they didn't win. 5 of the last 6 Republican presidents have been under threat of impeachment because of Democrats not liking the results of the election.

This is not to say that Republicans are free from corruption. The same issue that infects Democrats infect Republicans. Power corrupts. When Bill Clinton was under impeachment threat, Republicans said some very hard things as well to justify an impeachment over adultery.

Main conservatives see Liberals as uninformed. Leftists (again, as opposed to Liberals) see the Right as evil, and use authoritarian fascist tactics to beat all who oppose them into submission.

Power corrupts. Right now conservatives are being called out for their hypocrisy as they forego true conservative values and accept progressive policy, foreign influence, and larger government, just as much as Leftists are being called out for embracing socialism, over-taxation, and political violence.

The parties are trying to destroy each other, and those of us in the middle are exactly that, caught in the middle.

Movements like Blexit and Turning Point USA go to colleges and civic centers to speak to centrists and show them the crazy of the left, encouraging them to recognize the truth.

Yet TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk is under attack by America First true conservatives because of his liberal policies regarding immigration and shutting down free speech and debate.

On the left? Antifa, I think? and the Social Justice movement that do their best to infect everything around them and twist it for the sake of "Diversity" which really means no straight white people. They pretend to stand up for the rights of the minorities, but attack minorities who want to be free thinkers instead of joining the herd. Blexit founders Candice Owens and Brandon Tatum are perfect examples. Because they don't want to vote Democrat, they are smeared as white supremacists, and they're black. Youtuber Contrapoints (Natalie something), a conservative voice in the #WalkAway campaign, is also smeared for being homophobic and transphobic, but she's a transwoman. No logic, only "Follow me or be destroyed."

Hillary Clinton said it best: "You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for."

And that is going to be the way of it. Peaceful separation or war.


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