03 December 2019

MVC - Practicing Futility in Application Development

Ugh. So i'ts been 2 weeks that I've been reading like crazy all these tutorials that don't tell me what I really want to know, don't make it easy to understand, and aren't helpful. I've read through three different tutorials, and maybe it's just because I do it different and am resistant to change that I can't find what I want to do, and am stuck trying to figure out how to do it all the new way because that's the way they designed it.

What the hell are you talking about? You may be asking.

Web programming.

HTML was easy. C# with ASP was easy. Make a web form. Great, totally got that down.
But now, to do it better, I have to learn MVC. Model/View/Controller. Really, it's a lot of what I was doing in ASP, view on one page, codebehind on another. CodeBehind pulls data from a database and feeds it to the View.

But now there's another step, and another whole concept on how to do stuff, and very poor documentation on how to update your brain.

I have a simple way of doing things. My brother-in-law wrote a small function that pulls data from a database and saves it to a dataset. It works in windows apps, it works in CodeBehind on web pages. Works. Works great. And I want to continue to use it, because I can use SQL queries and stored procedures to pull the data I need.

But to my understanding (albeit only 2 weeks worth) of MVC, they want me to have a mapped database that I pull data from to my model. But when I try, it breaks all my stored procedures. Great. Then let me pull the data to a dataset. I can. Now map it to the model. No. Why? Don't know, no one can tell me.


Just had to get that out. Back to it. Due in 5 hours.


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