15 October 2019

free bitcoin (and other cryptos)

I've been interested in crypto for awhile, but I'm always late to the bus.

"Come buy our currency that is totally digital. Really, it's going to be awesome."

I was a naysayer. I was stupid. I could have bought bitcoin when it was less than 200$/coin. I had the money, but I poo-poo'd it, as most people did. I was more concerned when the price of video cards jumped because Bitcoin miners were buying them up for the calculations. That's when I started to look, but it was already too late. They were almost 20k/coin.

So I'm late. I'm always late. I could should have built a YouTube channel. I could should have worked harder on my blog. I'm trying to work on it now, but who reads anymore?

Anyway, I'm late, but I'm still here.

I've made some mistakes. I've played with the casinos (because for a few days I was head over for roulette games) and got excited for faucets. I've figured out which ones are real and which ones are fake. Will they make you rich? no. not at all. Will they make you money? enough for lunch now and then, sure. But it's a fun little hobby that actually shows a return, unlike every other hobby I've done.

And a huge kudos to the guys over at beermoneyforum.com for doing the research to weed out the scams. All faucets make their money on ads, and the supporters of them, like the guys on BeerMoney, encourage you to turn off your ad blocker so the site continues to get the money to support our habit. Please do so.

Be aware that some sites will take you to ads that are not legit, because ad companies only care about the profits, not about the legitimacy. If it seems too good to be true, check beermoneyforum.

One of the ones I see a lot that is totally not legit is the one to make money by exchanging bitcoin. It suggests you convert .005 BTC to ETH in one exchange, and then convert that ETH back to BTC in another exchange, except the first exchange is their wallet, and you just sent them your BTC.

Here's what I have found that actually works:

Earn Free Bitcoin

Cointiply is very cool, and probably one of the faucet games that tries hardest to be fun and interesting by giving it a sci-fi theme. In some respects it has the basic features, such as an hourly faucet and ad/survey offers, but the theme is where Cointiply shines.

I average 23 coins per faucet roll (most often 22, but on occasion you get an extra 51 for hitting a prime number, which is a cool mod). Coins are worth about 1/100th of a penny. So far I have: 32361 Coins / $3.2361 / 0.00038981 BTC 

I didn't get those from rolling the faucet, I did a crap ton of surveys. Also, I played the multiplier game. At one point i was up to 72k coins (about 7.20$), but I hit a string of bad picks in the game and lost about 5$.

The game is pretty cool, too. 11 stones, choose one. If it's red, 1.4x your bet. If it's black, loose your bet. You can keep pushing it to multiply your coins, but I found it's best to just go for the 1.4x multiplier.

They also have loot crates, and you can use your cointiply coins or you can use these other coins they give you when you ... honestly i'm not sure how i got them, but i used them to buy a loot crate and got three uncommon consumable items that i can use to boost my sat production, or turn in for a coin tradein value.

There's consumables and some inventory items. Here's mine:

There's some cool collection stuff, of which one of my items, the KernelNova, is part, and if i collect them all I get a bonus of 3% for 90 hours on offers. That's pretty cool.

Minimum withdrawl of 100,000 coins, or 10$. So I haven't been paid by this one yet, but BeerMoneyForums says LEGIT, and if you work it with the bonuses, it can be a fun side hussle.

Free BitCoin Faucet

Bonus BitCoin is a basic faucet, except you get to roll every 15 minutes, if you can remember. BBC also does surveys, but their multiplier is broken, so no good there.

The RNG faucet says you can claim up to 5000 satoshi every 15 minutes, but i've never rolled anything better than an 8. There is an option to always take the average, which they say is 16, so i just did that after a week of only rolling an 8. and they grant a bonus at the end of a 72 hour period, depending on how many you collect from the faucet or get in referrals.

The BTC goes to your coinpot.co wallet, which is an aggregate wallet for many of these faucets. Coinpot has a waiting period on surveys to make sure they all get credited, because some have requirements. Currently in my coinpot I have .00038811 BTC, of which .00024115 has been confirmed, which is good. The other day it was 6400 sat, which was sadface. At least this is 2 bucks (1.99 as of this writing).

Free BitCo.In is another, with a much more fun multiplier that has hurt me so many times. This is the first one I found after stumbling on a YouTube vid that shows a script to help you multiply your coins. Basically the multiplier will kill you for anything less than about 10 bucks, but it's totally doable. I got crazy with it. I threw 8$ into my pot, ran the script, got it up to 12, ran five windows, got it up to 22$, then ignored it and in about 45 seconds was broke lol.

Since then i'm much more cautious, because every time i think, "oh, i'll just tweak it a bit" it eats me and I'm broke. It's like a really mean slot machine, especially since I'm a bit aggressive with the script.

Instead of the script, which I can't control very well, (written in JavaScript) I use the autoroller.

Here's my method that usually nets me a few thousand sat (use at your own risk, and not with coins under 10000 sat)

On the Multiply BTC tab, go to autobet.
leave base bet at 1 sat (0.00000001)
Number of rolls to 100 (sometimes i do up to 10,000, but that's usually where a string of bad ones hits and
Bet on HI
Loss >= 0.00000100 (this is your risk. Once your losses are 100 sat greater than your wins, it will stop to keep you from destroying your bank. feel free to make it less, like 10 or whatever you are concerned with.)
On win return to base bet
ON lose increase bet by 125%
Check: return to base bet, randomize client seed, do not refresh
click Start Auto-Bet and watch your satoshi grow! (Hopefully)

if you increase your base bet amount to 10 sat, be sure to reduce the number of rolls to 5 or 9, no greater than that. that will keep it from wiping you out on a string of 8 bad rolls, which does happen.(my net loss on this roll was 564 sat after 165 rolls, because the 188 dropped me to 94 sat loss, and then the 470 threw me to the 564.)

BitFaucet - I only just found this one this morning. It's very similar to the other two. A low paying basic faucet, and offers to gain more. Again, BeerMoneyForum says LEGIT. Faucet is 60 minutes, offer refresh is 30. Payout is mondays if your sat is over 35000.

**NOTE** Some of the ads from these sites are NSFW
There's a lot here, so i'll just drop my links instead of the banners. They're all basic, but very ad and pop-up heavy, so keep an eye on that.

https://free-ethereum.io/?referer=234637 Ethereum, the other most popular crypto coin
https://free-bcash.com/?referer=462546 BitCoinCash, 222$/coin
https://free-litecoin.com/?referer=537946 LiteCoin, don't know a lot, has an ok value, around 54$ each.
https://free-dogecoin.com/?referer=293732 Dogecoin, again, don't know a lot, value is around .0025/coin
https://free-monero.com/?referer=54127 Monero, hardly know about it. Its short name is XMR, and it's worth 52$/coin right now.

Moon coins all go to your coinpot.co wallet. They can be claimed after 5 minutes, but continue to grow, quickly at first, but then slow. Like I think the moonbitcoin caps at about 31 sat, because i let it grow for a week and that's where we're at. nice, though, that it uses coinpot, and you don't need anything more than your email address.
There may be others, but i don't know right now, these are the only two i have.

A free miner that just dumps satoshi into a tank for you to withdraw. costs you nothing.

NOTE: Upon further examination, GoMiner appears to be a ponzi scheme. See this link to get out at just the right time: https://www.beermoneyforum.com/threads/gominer-co-reviews-scam-or-legit.53505/page-8

Yet further research shows this to be a scam. I, however, was able to recover my funds, though payout had to be done a little at a time at .003btc per day.


Got lucky. Might even make a little extra, if I can pull one or two more days out of it.

UPDATE: Confirmed, I have cleared an extra 58$ from the GoMiner platform. I reinvested before the end of this run. I'm doing it again, another 2-3 weeks, get out as I go, and collect whatever additional I can.

The last one I want to discuss is not a free faucet. It's a miner. I looked at several miners, and thanks again to BeerMoneyForum for finding the truth. Several of them suggest free mining of a small amount and then want you to pay to cash out, but then never pay out.

But this one, GoMiner, is very promising and active. For one, BeerMoney vouches for them, they have made investments and received verified payouts, and even spoken to the devs.

I haven't tried any payouts yet, but I have invested a little bit starting yesterday.

The idea here is to build a team. There are mentors and apprentices, and you can just watch the cash spin up, especially during the Overclock period, where you boost your production by 1/3 for 4 hours.

They have a 14 day period where you will not have to pay any electricity fees, and the mining contract is for a whole year for your small investment of at least 10$.

You can buy extra days without the power cost in advance at a 50% discount. The power costs are normally significant, so a 50% discount is pretty serious.

And there's something about Staking, which I don't understand yet, but one of the BMF guys that was talking to the devs said Staking was a very good thing.

So skip one vente double mocha frappa latte and throw 10$ at this. You can reinvest your earnings per day or cash it out. If you cash out at the end of your 2 weeks you should be about 30% ahead, or you can let it grow.


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