27 August 2007


Ok, so i just needed to rant on the rediculousness of a commercial i heard this morning.

It was a debt consolidator commercial, and it opens with the announcer asking questions about being in debt.

"Have too many payments and the collectors are at your door? Are your bills too much to handle? Are you in a credit crunch?" --stuff like that. Then, and this is the madening part, he says, "Well, it's not your fault!"

Are you kidding me? Not their fault? Then he goes on to blame it on job loss, etc. Intro the debt consolidation company, then some testamonials:

"I had 25,000$ in credit card debt and debt consolidators helped me. Thanks!"

"I had 10 credit cards, and they helped me get back on track!"

Woah woah woah.. back the truck up.. 25000$ in credit card debt?? 10 credit cards maxed out??? not your fault?? WTF!! are you out of your mind?? Perhaps instead of excusing all this debt and poor decision making, these people should actually take stock of what they really have and need, and make smart purchasing decisions. Not your fault.. pshh. what a load.

Ok, that was short and enough. done and done.


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